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Android Apps Development Company

Building New Definitive of Android App Development Services

We bring-in user-experience on Android phone and tablet devices, and develop apps that get featured on Play Store again and again.

As an android app development company we deliver high-performance and feature-rich products, which are secure, robust, scalable and responsive.

Our Android App Services Spectrum

We develop android apps that generate download and ROI for business.
Apps that people love to engage with, every day.

Android Apps UI/UX Design

Our team leverages Google android Material Design and crafts graphics and user-experience, which are loved by end-users. We canvas designs that are dynamic and elegant.

Android Mobile Apps Development

We develop custom apps for android mobile devices that function seamlessly on smartphones of all screen resolutions, and deliver performance on devices running latest as well as legacy android OS. Our team helps you with app strategies to monetize.

Android Tablet Apps Development

As an android company, we understand responsiveness and performance on tablet devices. Our team develop android apps for the big screens that are multi-tasking and support high-definition touch.

Android Wear Apps Development

We extend accessing your apps on mobile to android smartwatches. As an android development company our team integrates latest android features within apps, leveraging hardware and Watch OS capabilities.

Android Apps Development Services

One Shop for Android Application Development Services

Got an android app idea? Consider it delivered with us. We are an android application development company who helps businesses strategize app features, integrates brand within the visuals and customizes experience for the target audience.

We have been developing apps since Google acquired android platform. Our team holds experience in developing apps on legacy android OS, and loves to bring out the best with the latest OS features. Ensuring android developer guidelines we deliver secure, scalable and bug-free android apps.

We do not only offer android development services, but help businesses design marketing strategies and execute them adequately. Our team delivers growth to businesses in terms of branding and performance marketing, we help apps monetize.

Our Android Apps Development Portfolio

We have developed amazing apps for android mobile platform, sharing some from the huge list of our app portfolio.

Gain Checker App

Gain Checker App

Body Gain/Loss Tracking Photo App

Gain Checker is a photo application that helps users stay fit and track the progress of their body through pictures. The app allows users to focus on body building and quickly compare gain or losses of muscles or fat, in order to see the complete progress.

Buffalo Wings App

Buffalo Wings App

Real-time Bus Ticket Booking App

Buffalo Wings is a shuttle booking app that helps users enjoy a smooth and an affordable ride, and reach their location on time. With the app, users may travel to 8 districts of Queen City conveniently and at affordable costs.

Shammy App

Shammy App

Car Wash & Grooming App

Shammy assists users in locating the best and advanced car cleaning solutions nearby their locations. The app is user-friendly and gives users a flexibility to choose car cleaning service at their home or work location.

Balance Blenders App

Balance Blenders App

Award Winning Puzzle Education App

Balance Benders is an educational app that helps students balance and solve algebraic equation with ease. The award winning app helps students do necessary workouts on-screen through a tool before they make selection of final answer.

Notebook App

Notebook App

Childcare Solution for Parents & Nurseries

Notebook is a childcare app that is designed for both parents and childcare centers to help them keep eyes on every activity of child. The easy-to-use and intuitive app lets childcare centers reduce workload, paperless work, save valuable time, etc.

Aliment App

Aliment App

Restaurant Operations Management App

Aliment helps restaurant owners keep eyes on every important and current operation in their restaurant and manage smoothly. The restaurant management app helps owners keep restaurant up-to-date by sourcing important ingredients.

Fresh By App

Freshby App

Local Market Search & Shopping App

Freshby helps user search nearest stores for grocery, bakery, fish, restaurant, butchers, florist and many more online. As the name suggests, the app works as a real-time locator of fresh food arrived in their nearest shopping stores and get notified easily.

Military Vacation App

Military Vacation Planner

Military Discount Aggregator App

Military Vacation Planner is a free app that allows military members to make their vacation affordable with discounts and lucrative offers. The mobile app showcases hotels, restaurants, etc., that offer discounts and the best deals for military within the travel destination across US.

Mathematics Mentor App

Mathematics Mentor App

Mathematics Mentor Education App

Mathematics Mentor helps users improve their mathematics with an easier way. It helps them solve even complex problems quickly. The app is good for intermediate level users and helps them cover imperative sections like surd remainder theorem, algebraic divisions, indices and more.

Android App Development Advantages with AppsChopper

We are setting definitive of app development for android platform.
What is special with us?

Sound Communication: We understand importance of transparency and sharing updates with clients, and integrated CRM tools within the system. Our system records and updates app progress so client stay updated with projects’ exact progress.

Value for Money: We deliver android apps that get featured over Play Store, generating genuine downloads. Our team builds result-driven engaging apps that serve core purposes of monetization and generates hefty returns on investment.

Active Support Team: We care for our clients, and have a team of professionals who are eager to handle clients’ queries. Our team suggests logical solutions from their work experience and implements clients’ directives to bring-out best for the situation.

App Monetization: We do not just develop, we help get your apps installed on devices of your target audience. Our team designs branding, app install, engagement, etc., campaigns and delivers returns for your investment of development and marketing.

Our Clients Love Us and Vice-Versa

Showcasing some of the amazing testimonials shared by our clients. We are rated 4.8 stars for android apps development, based on over 250 reviews.

Big Brands Love our Work

We have served business leaders and helped them deliver difference to their users with our mobile app services, and helped startups become brands.

We consider work over words.


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