The Complete Guide to Android Tablet App Development

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Are you looking to get your Android app off the ground with exclusive tablet app development? This is the right post for you. This complete guide to Android tablet development discusses everything crucial you need to know about Android tablet app development.

When it comes to developing mobile applications, Android needs no introduction at all. Agreed? With nearly a 73% market share, Android has become the most popular operating system in today’s world. Android OS is getting all the attention it deserves, and for good reasons, of course.

With a maximum market share, Android allows businesses to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately help them maximize their profit. And that’s the reason businesses these days seek a reputable Android development company to build successful applications.

That being said, Android OS continues to see indispensable growth dominated by UX and constant innovations brought in by Google. In fact, the launch of the latest Android version (i.e., Android 11) has given an immense boost in Android app development, especially Android tablet app development.


Because Android’s new tablets are luring everyone, and people are gravitating more towards tablets these days due to numerous benefits and oodles of choices. Therefore, seeing the growing demand, businesses are also inclining more towards Android tablet development.

Let’s dive deeper and explore more about tablet app development, everything from its basics to its importance, how to create designs for Android tablets, and more. What say? Sounds good? Perfect. Let’s get right in then!

What Is Android Tablet App Development?

Android tablet development has become a whole new thing in itself. It’s currently one of the fastest-growing areas of app development technology. Tablet app development is (as the name implies), a process of developing a mobile app for Android tablets. Apps companies ensure that developers build tablet-specific mobile apps that work just flawlessly on all tablets.

Having said that, Android tablet app development is expanding at a rapid pace. Why? Because The Mint company estimated that customers interact with tablet applications seven times more frequently than those who installed the application on a smartphone.

The Importance of Android Tablet Development

Undoubtedly, smartphones are the most used devices these days for performing daily tasks, including calling, texting, listening to music, playing games, and more. However, tablets are highly preferred for various tasks, such as consuming video content, online learning, reading, performing business tasks (meeting, checking mails, or so).

Having said that, in the past few years, due to the rise of OTT platforms and online classes, people have shifted to larger screen sizes. So it’s evident that today’s people have started using more tablets than ever before. With that being said, businesses need to be where customers are. Consequently, they must invest in tablet app development for better ROI.

How to Create Android Tablet App Design from Scratch

Creating an Android app tablet design is not a cakewalk; a lot goes into it. From reading the guidelines carefully, considering screen configurations to laying stress on layouts, fonts, and colors, you need to pay attention to everything. Let’s explore the steps more closely.

Read the Guidelines for Android Design

Before you begin with Android tablet app design, it’s crucial to be aware of the guidelines Android follows for tablet app design creation. Hence, it’s advisable to read the guidelines thoroughly. Carefully consume the guidelines, jot down the essential points, and then begin your Android tablet design development keeping those guidelines in mind. Reading the guidelines will help you understand the nuances of Android tablet development creation.

Consider Screen Configurations and Different Size

Android has a wide range of devices with different display sizes, be it smartphones or tablets. Having said that, it’s important to consider the screen configurations and different sizes. This will help you develop an Android tablet app that can be distributed to all supported Android tablets. Also, it’s crucial to optimize layouts and other components for each supported configuration to ensure convenient access for each configuration.

Emphasize Layouts, Fonts, and Other Aspects

This step is more crucial than any other. Why? Because this will help you see how the elements will look like in an app. Therefore, you must emphasize layouts, fonts, colors, and other crucial things. Think about the convenience of tablet UI and general look. And to make all of this stand out, you will need the professional companies that design apps that can guide you throughout, about using the right template, fonts, colors, images, and more. Hence, will definitely make your Android tablet app highly appealing.

How to Select the Best Android Tablet App Development Company?

Choosing the right tablet app development company amid today’s clutter and noise is a daunting task itself. To find the best-suited Android tablet development company, you need to dive deeper and look at their portfolios (for previous work), testimonials (for customer reviews), experience and industry knowledge, development technologies they use, and more.

In fact, you can also connect with some of the previous clients and ask them about the feedback. This will give you a better insight into the company. Once you get to check everything and if the company ticks off all your required checklists, consider hiring them ASAP.

That being said, the right tablet development company ensures building Android apps for tablets that become the first and foremost choice of your potential users. And when your app wins your users’ hearts, your app will automatically drive more installs.

Android Tablet App Development: The Closing Thoughts

When it comes to Android, most people think that it’s a mobile OS only. However, in reality, it’s Google’s open-source mobile OS that can run on mobile as well as on tablets.

And seeing the ever-growing demand for using tablets, investing in Android tablet app development is undeniably a lucrative move for businesses. We hope this article explains everything you needed to know about Android tablet development to get started with it.

So are you ready to develop a successful Android tablet app, reach maximum users, and increase your ROI? Begin now!

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