Startup App Development

Mobile and Web Apps Testing

We meticulously test your native iOS/Android mobile apps and web applications to improve the apps' overall performance. We ensure that your native apps deliver a rich user experience on a particular platform and the web apps run seamlessly on all browsers.

Enterprise App Development

Bugs Identification and Fixation

Our mobile testing team unearths all types of bugs, including app-specific, platform-specific, explicit, app crashing, UI/UX, button response, security-related, and others that usually halt your app's performance. Hence, making your app user, market, and competitor ready.

App Development for Partners

Mended, Improved App

Our app testing analysts ensure that your app has a pleasant UI and engaging UX, allowing users to perform the intended tasks on the app trouble-free. We assess the responsiveness, operating capacity, scalability, and readiness of the app to make it speedy and power-packed.

What We Do as a Mobile App Testing Company?

We are a leading app testing company in the US providing end-to-end application testing backed with modern tools and technologies. Our aim is to make sure that mobile apps are meticulously tested to meet the highest quality standards.

We have helped businesses develop reliable and bug-free mobile apps to stand out in the market. Here is how we do it:

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Functional Testing

AppsChopper offers functional testing services that guarantee your business application's smooth and seamless performance. Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology and methodologies to test every feature and aspect of your app, ensuring it operates flawlessly and provides a superior user experience

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Usability Testing

Businesses can gain valuable insights into how their users interact with their apps through our mobile app usability testing services. We evaluate the usability and functionality of your app, providing actionable feedback and recommendations that will help you take your app to the next level.

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Performance Testing

AppsChopper offers professional mobile app performance testing services that help businesses deliver high-performing and reliable mobile solutions. Our team closely monitors every aspect of your app, including response time, load capacity, and resource utilization.

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Security Testing

AppsChopper helps businesses stay ahead of the curve with advanced tools and methodologies to evaluate the security of your app. We identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, offering recommendations to help you strengthen the security of your application.

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Localization Testing

AppsChopper offers professional localization testing services that help businesses reach a wider audience. Our experts evaluate the localization of your app, ensuring it functions correctly in different languages and cultural contexts

Recognized Mobile App Testing Services

At AppsChopper, we believe in delivering quality and performance to our clients, which is why we don't just build mobile apps; we test them rigorously too. Our mobile app testing services ensure that your app is thoroughly checked for bugs, compatibility, performance, and security before it is launched.

We understand that mobile apps are the backbone of many businesses today, which is why we ensure that your app is reliable, secure, and user-friendly.

Our team of expert testers uses the latest tools and techniques to test your app on various devices, operating systems, and network conditions. This way, we can ensure that your app is accessible to all your users, regardless of their device or location.

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Some Mobile Apps We Delivered

Here is a glance at some of our recent app testing projects, demonstrating our expertise in mobile app testing.

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Clients Frequently Asked

What types of testing services do you offer?

Our testing services include functional, manual, automated, usability, performance, security, and localization testing.

How much does app testing cost?

The cost of app testing varies based on factors such as the size, complexity, and type of app, as well as the type of testing you need.

How do you approach app testing?

Our process involves analyzing issues, setting up a testing environment, creating test cases, executing tests, tracking defects, and analyzing results for improved app performance.

Will you write test cases if we provide the app?

Yes, we will. Our team will work with developers and other stakeholders to create comprehensive test suites for your app.

Do you test on real devices and browsers?

Absolutely! Our testing process includes using a wide range of real devices and browsers to ensure accurate and thorough testing.

How Our Mobile App Testing Process Works

Mobile app testing is a crucial part of the app development process to ensure that the app is functional, efficient, and user-friendly. Here's a high-level overview of the mobile app testing process:


Defining the scope of testing


Identifying and prioritizing test cases


Designing the test plan and test strategy


Setting up the test environment


Executing test cases (manual, automated, and performance testing)


Identifying and reporting bugs and issues


Verifying bug fixes and retesting


Conducting regression testing before the release


Post-release monitoring and maintenance

How We Do App Testing Differently

We Do Apps Testing Differently
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    Multi-Industry Domain Expertise

    With over a decade of experience in this field, we master diverse domain knowledge, offering a wide array of app testing services to everyone, from startups to large businesses globally.

  • 2

    Customized Test Cases

    Our team's key focus remains on drafting customized test cases and test suites on different devices and browsers. Therefore, ensuring the rigorous app testing process and smooth app functioning.

  • 3

    Leverage Cutting-Edge Tools

    We stay abreast of the modern, cutting-edge tools and technologies to strengthen and accelerate the app testing process. Thus, delivering you the bug, error, and glitch-free applications.

  • 4

    Improved App's Efficiency

    Our experts take a holistic approach to your mobile testing services needs and improve your app's overall efficiency. We assure quality in every aspect and deliver you an impeccable app.

  • 5

    Quick Support

    We take a customer-focused approach and provide you the quickest support possible. We ensure to offer the most satisfying solution to all your queries and doubts regarding app testing.

Industry Expertise

Since 2011, we have tested mobile apps for every business vertical. Our work in below-showcased industries speaks of quality.

Industries Mockup
Social industries
HealthCare Industries
Navigation Industries
Retail Industries
Travel Industries
Education Industries


We create your social community where users engage with the content and talk about it.


We design healthcare apps integrated with the latest technologies for your patient’s care.


We code navigation apps that keep your users on the right track till destination.


We build retail mobile apps for making operations smooth and catalyze your business growth.


We create travel apps that give your user a hassle-free cab, hotels, etc., booking experience.


We develop education apps with incredible e-learning experiences for your students.