Call or Text

The app named ‘Call or Text’ enables businesses to use their existing landline numbers to receive and send text messages. It lets entrepreneurs engage with customers through useful texts and reply to them instantly.
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About Call or Text

Call or Text app allows users to receive texts to their business lines within a minute and reply to customers, which appears just as coming directly from the business line number. For availing the features, users need to verify their existing business contact number. Once they complete the process of verifying the call back code, they are ready to use the app. With Call or Text, business can feel redefined, be it customer engagement, getting order or handling customer queries.

Call or Text Features

Call Or Text Fixed Line Messaging App

Easy Login

The free-to-use app is designed with an easy login process. To access it, users need to enter their existing business numbers along with the password.

Call Or Text Fixed Line Messaging App

Multiple User Log In

Call or Text is introduced with a multi-user login feature that allows businesses to manage interaction with customers via multiple devices.

Call Or Text Fixed Line Messaging App

Send Receive Unlimited Texts

With the mobile app, users are allowed to send or receive texts related to their business, without any limitation.

Call Or Text Fixed Line Messaging App

Access Member Stats

The app displays member stats showing the number of messages interaction for a desired period, depending on reporting needs.

Call or Text feature

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