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Reach Global Audiences with Confidence Using Our Localization Testing Services

Our experienced team specializes in testing mobile apps for optimal performance. We can help identify performance bottlenecks, improve user experience, and ensure your app's success with our rigorous testing process.

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Identifying Scope And Requirements

In this initial stage, we understand your requirements, target audience, and the scope of localization testing. We plan test scenarios and cases while determining the test environment.

Our team also analyzes the app's user interface, content, and functionality to understand the scope of localization testing. We identify the target language, cultural and technical requirements, and test cases.

Creating The Best Test Plans

We develop a comprehensive test plan to ensure all the identified requirements are tested thoroughly. The test plan includes a test strategy, test scenarios, test cases, test data, and test environment.

Once the plan is in place, we gather the necessary resources. such as software, hardware, and personnel resources, to execute the testing process. We create a test bed that mimics the user's environment.

Making Sure Nothing Is Left Unchecked

We begin executing the test cases in multiple languages, following the testing strategy. This step involves testing for linguistic correctness, visual consistency, and functional accuracy.

Our team executes the test cases defined in the plan and records the results. They then check the app's user interface, content, and functionality to ensure they meet the target language and cultural requirements.

Providing Useful Suggestions Based On Results

After the testing is complete, we document our findings, and our testers share the results with the development team. We highlight the issues encountered and work with your team to fix them.

The detailed report includes a summary of the testing results, a list of issues identified, and recommendations for improvements. We provide feedback and suggestions to ensure the app meets the target market's requirements.

Some Mobile Apps We Test

We are a preferred mobile app testing agency for top and creative companies. Our portfolio below speaks of the delivered work quality.

Hotel Mate App
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Car Wash App
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Buffalo Wings App
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Cairn Go
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FiFo Life
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What Our App Localization Testing Process Looks Like

At AppsChopper, we provide our localization testing services in the following steps:


Identify the target market's language, cultural, and technical requirements


Develop a comprehensive test plan and environment


Execute the test cases defined in the test plan and record the results


Generate a detailed report with issues and recommendations for improvements


Work with the development team to fix the identified issues


Retest the app to ensure the identified issues have been fixed


Provide sign-off that the app is ready for release.

We provide our clients with excellent customer support throughout the testing process. Our teams resolve all queries promptly.

As an experienced mobile app localization tester, we have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects for clients across industries. We have developed expertise in delivering high-quality localization testing services thanks to a deep understanding of localization requirements, cultural nuances, and user behavior.

Our reputation as a leader in this field is built on our consistent delivery of accurate, reliable, and efficient testing solutions. It has enabled clients to release their mobile apps globally with confidence.

Additionally, AppsChopper has built a track record of providing personalized and responsive services. This and our ability to adapt to evolving technologies and market trends have earned us recognition as a go-to expert for mobile app localization testing.

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What Makes Our LocalizationTesting Services Stand Out

We make Mobile Strategy Services Differently
  • 1

    Comprehensive Localization Testing

    AppsChopper provides comprehensive localization testing services, including functional, linguistic, and cultural testing. We ensure the app is ready for release in any language and region.

  • 2

    Experienced Testing Team

    Our team consists of experienced and expert testers with extensive knowledge and expertise in localization testing. We strive to provide our clients with reliable and accurate results.

  • 3

    Quality Assurance

    Our services are designed to ensure the highest levels of quality assurance. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure our testing process is thorough and effective.

  • 4

    Competitive Pricing

    We offer our services at competitive prices, providing our clients with cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of our services.

  • 5

    Excellent Customer Support

    We provide our clients with excellent customer support throughout the testing process. Our teams resolve all queries promptly.

FAQs on Performance Testing Services

How much does mobile app localization testing cost?

The cost of mobile app localization testing depends on the number of languages, the complexity of the app, and the project timeline. We provide customized quotes based on the specific requirements of each project.

What is the localization testing process?

The localization testing process involves analyzing and adapting the app's content, design, and functionality to suit the target culture and language. This involves testing various aspects such as UI, functionality, and content accuracy across multiple devices, platforms, and languages.

What tools do you use for localization testing?

We use various tools and technologies, such as SDL Passolo, MemoQ, Trados Studio, Appium, Calabash, TestComplete, Sauce Labs, and BrowserStack to ensure accurate and reliable localization testing.

How long does localization testing take?

The duration of localization testing depends on the complexity of the project, the number of languages, and the scope of the testing. We provide clients with a detailed project timeline that includes milestones, deadlines, and estimated completion time.

What expertise do you have in localization testing?

AppsChopper has extensive expertise in localization testing, with a deep understanding of cultural nuances, language conventions, and user behavior. Additionally, we have experience working on numerous projects across industries, which has let us develop a comprehensive understanding of the localization testing process.

What is the best way to contact you?

You can contact us through the website's contact page or by emailing us directly at [insert email address]. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about mobile app localization testing.

Our Client Love us & Vice Versa

We are rated 4.7 stars for mobile app testing with 95% satisfaction, based on over 250 reviews.
Belly Bump App

My friend referred me to AppsChopper, and we are happy working with them. I hired them on our Lifestyle app (BellyBump), a moments capturing product for expecting moms. Their strength lies in mobile app testing strategies. Definitely work with them again with this mobile Localization testing company.

Brandon Brotsky Belly Bump AppNew York
Cheqdin Apps

AppsChopper was spot on, they are a good bunch of people who takes work seriously and delivers what they commit, they have the right skill-set and hierarchy to run a good app testing agency. This was my first project with them and definitely I will go for them if I need Localization testing services in future.

Shareena Cheqdin AppsAberdeen
Hotel Mate App

I am a die-heart fan of AppsChopper for the kind of dedication they put throughout their work and take every possible measure to ensure project delivery within the discussed time-frame. When I approached them to test an app that can allow users directly connect with hotels to get updates, their team discussed their clear strategies and shared a proper plan to test the app.

Kypros Kypri Hotel Mate AppCyprus
Shammy App

AppsChopper is technically very strong and have good business sense. We consulted them for testing our car grooming business, and they helped us in building and testing amazing on-demand car grooming mobile app for our business model. Their team is professional and very co-operative.

Devon Maris Shammy AppNew York
Build Sheet Pro App

We loved the way team AppsChopper worked on our app for finance management. They suggested to go for cross platform app development as we were bit low on budget. We initially doubted that the product will be not that good due to the hybrid approach, but we were impressed with the quality of our app. Big thanks to AppsChopper for app development and thorough Localization testing.

Nick Genty Build Sheet Pro AppCoffeyville

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