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Material Design vs Human Interface Design - AppsChopper

Google Material Design vs Apple Human Interface Guidelines: Which Is Better and Why?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you looking to design an iOS or Android version of an app? This guide will help you. This post compares Google Material Design vs Apple Human Interface Guidelines comprehensively and helps you determine which one you should choose and why. Both Google and Apple compete to provide their users with an intuitive user interface

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Planning and Wireframing Mobile App Design: A Step-By-Step Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutes Even for the most ambitious among us, building an app is best left to the professionals. Designing an app, however, is something anyone can do with a little bit of guidance. This blog will walk you through a step-by-step guide to planning and wireframing a mobile app designed to draw the right kind of attention.

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Custom App Design

What Are the Benefits of Custom Mobile App UI/UX Design for Business?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Curious how UI/UX design can impact your bottom line? This post is for you. Below we’ll discuss the potential advantages of custom mobile app UI/UX design for your business. As apps have evolved, functionality alone is no longer sufficient for customer retention. Keeping clients engaged through compelling custom UI/UX design has become just as crucial

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User Experience design

9 Essential Fundamentals of Mobile App UX Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes Every business is well-aware of the importance of a user-centric mobile app design on which the app’s usefulness and intuitiveness are based. This blog discusses the essential fundamentals of mobile app UX design that can attract massive users. A great idea alone cannot make an app great; mobile UX design is crucial too. Steve Jobs

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Mobile App Design - AppsChopper

Mobile App UX/UI Design: Everything You Need to Know

Reading Time: 6 minutes People are more likely to gravitate towards a great, intuitive, and functional mobile app design considering its UX and UI. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about mobile app UX/UI design to help you craft a wonderful mobile app. The advent of smartphones has completely changed the way we do our

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PWA designs AppsChopper

How to Design PWA with User-First Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nowadays, businesses strive to ensure that customers’ mobile web experience for their brands with progressive technologies is seamless and effortless. This blog talks about designing PWAs with a user-first approach efficiently. Perhaps you’ve heard a lot about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and various benefits they bring. PWAs technology aims at delivering a high level of

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mobile app design process

Mobile App Design Guide: Step-By-Step UX/UI Design Process

Reading Time: 5 minutes An intuitive and great design can contribute to mobile app visuals’ greater success and take your mobile app to the next level. This comprehensive mobile app design guide will talk about a proven step-by-step UI/UX designing process that is sure to be a winner. As the number of smartphone users worldwide surpassed 3 billion in

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Differences Between UI and UX Design - AppsChopper Blog

Major Differences Between UI and UX Design

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this blog post, we have given a brief differentiation between UI and UX design. The differences will help you make the right choice while hiring UI/UX designers from design agencies. User Experience (UX) is a broad term, the conglomeration of a myriad of factors implemented for optimization of products for ensuring its effective and

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Mobile Apps Design Trends in 2017

Top Seven Mobile App Design Trends in 2017

Reading Time: 3 minutes In this blog post, we will discuss about the most popular mobile app design trends in 2017 that bring out beautiful mobile applications for end-users. What makes a mobile app design perfect? Well, before answering the question, it is important to understand the purpose of your app project. The mobile app design serves its ultimate

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