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Apple Can’t Force Developers to Use In-App Purchasing, Judge Rules

Reading Time: 2 minutes Yes, you read it right. Apple (going forward) can’t force developers to use in-app purchases. The US judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Friday (Sept 10th, 2021) ruled following the trial opposing the tech giant Apple against Epic Games, creator of Fortnite. The judge issued a ruling in “Fortnite” creator antitrust lawsuit against App Store, striking

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Your “Go-To Guide” for App Store Pricing Strategy, Channel Fees, Other Gateways, and More

Reading Time: 11 minutes This comprehensive guide walks you (closely) through the nitty-gritty of in-app purchases, types of in-app purchases, how the App Store pricing system actually works, hacks to avoid 30% in-app purchases fee, when to use third-party gateways, and a lot more. It’s an undeniable reality that today, almost everything has gone mobile. In 2020, mobile app

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WWDC Highlights: Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021 Keynote

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple’s WWDC 2021 was a jam-packed event. The company showed off everything they have been working on for months. They made plenty of exciting announcements. This blog rounds up everything Apple announced at the WWDC 2021 keynote event. Let’s get right in! Woah! It’s that time again. Apple kicked off its online-only annual Worldwide Developer

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10 Benefits of iOS App Development for Businesses

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you want to build a game-changing app that assures safety and look for ways to rule the buzzing mobile app store market, iOS development is what you need as it offers numerous distinctive advantages. This blog lists the top benefits of iOS app development that will persuade you to go for a custom iOS

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11 Best Custom iOS App Development Platforms for Professionals

Reading Time: 4 minutes Have you ever wondered what makes iOS apps secure, versatile, and reliable, offering a great UX? The robust technologies used and platforms on which the iOS apps are made. This blog lists the top custom iOS app development platforms for professionals to leverage and create a standout iOS app. Let’s admit the fact that the

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iOS App Development Process: How to Build a Goal-Driven iOS App in 10 Steps

Reading Time: 4 minutes iOS apps are gaining all popularity among businesses because of their high-quality and ROI-driven nature. This blog talks about the ideal process of iOS app development and the steps involved in developing a simplistic, robust, and user-centric iOS app. These days, everyone, from kids to adults, is busy exploring the apps either for entertainment, education

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Top iOS App Design and Development Trends to Watch Out

Top 10 iOS App Design and Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple brings something new every time, that’s why iOS mobile app development has greater significance in the app market. In this blog, we have listed some top iOS mobile app design and development trends you should know to build a modern and innovative iOS app to stay competitive in 2021. Apple needs no introduction. The

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Apple one more thing event

Here’s Everything Apple Announced at “One More Thing” Event 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple’s “One More Thing” event 2020 provided some exciting tech splashes, including the M1 processor, new MacBook Pro, new MacBook Air, and the new Mac mini launch. This post highlights all the major unveilings that occurred during the Apple event. Apple needs no introduction. Its name alone is synonymous with industry-leading technology, innovation, and leadership.

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History of Apple Events Since Its Inception: Popular Key Moments

Reading Time: 8 minutes Apple’s events are memorably flavored by the sensory experience they deliver to its audience. This blog will take you through the history of all the major Apple events, some key moments, and how their approach has developed over the years. When Apple launches a new product or hosts an event, they generate a massive buzz.

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