Revealing iOS App Development Cost

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In this blog post, we have talked about the process, iOS app development cost and the need for an iPhone app for different businesses.

How much does it cost to develop an iOS app? Well, this question is common among those planning to develop iPhone apps for their business. They often seem to be anxious to know the exact iOS development cost, even though their curiosity is higher to explore certain advantages and expectations of using iOS application.

Talking about the exact iOS app development cost, depending on numerous factors that we will discuss here later on. First and foremost, we’re going to describe the process involving in iOS app development.

iOS App Development Process

Developing an iOS app involves lots of steps. Take a look at all these steps mentioned as follows.

Getting an App Idea

Getting an idea is the first step of mobile app development, no matter which platform you are going to target. To develop an iOS, you need to get a complete overview of your business needs, type of audience, market, etc. All you need to do is to figure out everything in a proper way. This helps you explore relevant factors to develop an idea for your business app.

Creating Layout

Once you got an app idea, you can now get in touch with an app company who further creates a complete wireframe to show how the future app will function. They will ask you to provide more inputs (if possible) to improve your app’s functionality and its market existence.

Development and Designing

This is a highly important stage that converts your imagination into a tangible product. It includes lots of activities like user management, user experience customization, coding, data synchronization, user interface design, etc. A solid plan is drafted to carry out this stage successfully.


It’s the next phase carried out after the successful accomplishment of the designing and development designing phase. Once your app is created, it is then tested by QA experts under different circumstances to ensure the perfection of its features and functionality. This also ensures that the end product is capable of serving its core purposes properly.

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Submission to App Store

Once the iOS app is finalized and approved, it is then prepared to be submitted on the App Store to make it available for the target users. It is advisable to develop an app with Xcode to make it live in App Store easily.

iOS App Development Cost

The iOS app development cost depends on the size of the team. The team composition for app development includes as follows.

  • Project Manager
  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • QA Engineer

Another factor that impacts the cost of iOS app development to a wider extent is the size of the project as well. Take a look.

Basic or Simple iOS Application

If you own a startup and think a simple iPhone app can cater to your business well. It is good to approach the right iPhone app developer to shape up your app ideas into reality. If your project falls in the category of small projects, such an iPhone app development cost ranges from $10,800 to $60,000.

Native or Database iOS App

As the name suggests, database iPhone apps function based on data. The process of developing these apps involves full of complications. And developers often need to think and also know the proper logic behind a native iPhone app development.

To make the app fully functional, developers have to first create a proper flow and then make perfect use of content, images, logo, etc. Native or database iOS app development falls into a medium project category,  the cost of iPhone app development ranges approximately from $18,000 to $96,000.

iOS Gaming App

It’s known to all that developing iPhone gaming apps is, of course, an expensive venture. And you need to be blessed with a sound budget before stepping into it. The cost tends to go up further depending on the type of gaming apps you are going to plan to develop. Not to forget, cost also depends on the features of the app. The more features you add, the more cost you should be ready to pay. Game app development falls into a complex project category. So, the cost ranges from $28,800 to $225,000.

Size of ProjectWeeksHourHourly Rate ($20 to $150 /Hr)
Small Project6 to 10 Weeks240 to 400 Hrs.$5,000 to $60,000
Medium Project10 to 16 Weeks400 to 640 Hrs.$8,000 to $96,000
Complex Project16+ Weeks640 to 1,500 Hrs.$12,800 to $225,000

This indicates that the size of the project is directly proportional to iOS app development cost.

The Need of iPhone App for Business

Here are certain advantages that your business can get with a competent and beautiful iOS application:

  • Improve brand recognition
  • Improve customer engagement/experience  
  • Improve brand value
  • Make your business growth dynamic by offering another avenue for sale.


App development is in trends nowadays among businesses for gaining some top advantages to accelerate business growth. Before indulging yourself in iOS app development, it’s vital to know the total expenses that occur in the entire development process. This is necessary for preparing a budget as per the iPhone application development cost and avoid complexity at the later stage.

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