How Much Does It Cost to Make an iOS App?

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Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise looking to develop an iOS app, the cost will indeed concern you. That’s why we’ve prepared this post. This blog talks about iOS app development cost based on affecting factors, app types, complexity, and ultimately helps you determine the average iOS development cost estimation.

iOS Apps open a market opportunity of over 2 billion devices for your business. The Apple App Store has over 2 million apps for download. The number is ever-increasing, and organizations are investing in iOS development more rapidly than ever due to several benefits of iOS app development.

However, every business owner who is looking to develop an iOS application; asks a million-dollar question to an iPhone app development agency they consult, and i.e.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

This question is sure to come up!

Well, to simply put, no fixed iPhone app development cost goes well with all types of iOS apps. All in all, no application development company can give you a “one-size-fits-all” cost estimation that will be applicable for all forms of iOS apps.

That said, we, through this post, will try to give you a rough estimate of the iOS app development project. But before that, let’s dive in and get into the nitty-gritty of iOS app development, why you should choose it, stages of iOS app development, and more.

Why Choose iOS App Development for Your Business?

It is always a dilemma for companies that want to develop an application, whether to have an app in iOS or Android. iOS vs Android is one of the heated debates in the internet world. However, the emerging iOS app design and development trends always attract many businesses. That said, today, we will give you multiple reasons to choose iPhone app development for your business.

The first and probably the best reason for iOS app development that lures businesses is impressive ROI. Apple’s App Store generated $64 billion in revenue in 2020.

Besides that, Apple promises uncompromised security, ignites trust in quality standards, gives you international market exposure, best-in-class UX, cost-effective development, and most importantly, offers higher scalability.

This is the reason why you should invest in iOS application development.

What Are the Factors That Determine iPhone App Development Cost?

Discovery Process

As the name suggests, this is the process where you justify the app idea. Market analysis and research, deciding user personas, market capitalization, features, development time, and many other considerable things contribute to the discovery phase that affects the overall iOS development cost. This step includes a series of activities undertaken, contributing significantly to the iOS app development assessment.

Development Type

Choosing the mobile app development type between native vs cross-platforms is one of the most complicated decisions for business owners. The native approach gives immersive UX, better security, and supports more functionalities, though it’s a bit expensive method. The hybrid approach, on the other hand, provides business owners multiple platform accessibility. Due to one codebase, the development cost and development time are lower than native.

Analysis and Scoping

This factor finalizes all the major decisions related to the app, such as functions, features, and technologies used. Analysis and scoping are a crucial part of an ideal iOS app development process and specifically responsible for understanding app complexity, including deployment model of architecture, third-party integrations, use of device functions, etc. Features and app structure determine whether the app will be simple, medium, or large.


An app category plays a vital role in deciding the cost of iOS app development. Each category comes with different functionalities, demographics, security criteria, goals, etc. Therefore, it requires effort, time, and money accordingly. As a result, cost varies. Stand-alone apps, m-commerce apps, social networking apps, enterprise apps, on-demand apps, and others are popular categories businesses choose to develop their iOS apps.

Design and Animation

Design is a crucial part of any app’s development. The app’s design and animation are other prominent factors that directly affect the iPhone app development cost. To attempt an estimation of your iOS app design, you have to know its complexity. Different designs will pertain to various prices for the same app. Wireframing, UI design, and animation play a vital role in the app design game.


Well, you can’t launch your iOS app on the App Store just like that; the store only selects the app that adheres to all the guidelines. And this is the reason why approval on the App Store is considered a tough nut to crack. Tick off all the things mentioned in the guideline to get your app approved. Hence, make sure your app is ideal for the launch.


If you think the work is done once you’ve published the app, you’re highly mistaken. Other additional elements contribute to the increment in the iOS app development cost. Maintenance is one of them. Constant updates, troubleshooting bugs, changes in app design, and many other considerable things impact the iOS development cost even after your app is developed and launched in the market.

Team Size

Last but not least. Your overall cost to make an iOS app also relies on who is developing your app, who you hired to build your iOS app. For instance, the cost of a freelance developer and an eminent app development company will vary. A startup company or a freelancer may charge less than an experienced, well-versed app company. That said, the app’s quality also varies depending on who you choose to develop your app.

iPhone App Development Cost Estimation (Based on Types and Complexity)

Simple Apps (With No Backend)

A simple app with basic features, standard UI components, predefined templates, and analytic features costs lower. A scheduler, logger, email client, or calculator for specific variables are examples of some simple apps. These apps cost you around somewhere between $10K – $50K.

Mid-Level Apps (A Bit Heavier with DB/ Server)

A mid-level app with API integrations, custom UI, real-time messaging, and simple backend costs higher than simple apps but lower than complex apps. Using the functionality of the camera/GPS device and little else would cost between $50K – $100K.

Complex Apps (With Decent Server Side)

A complex app with custom animation, media processing, real-time sync, complex backend, and more costs you a bit higher than the other two types. A well-customized app tailored to a specific business goal costs from $100K (for the release version with unique features) to 300K+ (for advanced versions after achieving a good user base).

iOS App Development Cost: Concluding Thoughts

So this was all about iPhone app development cost. We hope this post helped you understand how much does it cost to make an iOS app. From affecting factors to cost estimation based on types and complexity, we covered everything to help you prepare a rough estimation of iPhone app development cost.

To conclude, we would say that based on your iOS app’s type, features, functionalities, complexities, etc., you can invest accordingly. All you need to do is to be mindful of these factors, understand, predict and control your iOS app development project price roughly.

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