Top Seven Mobile App Design Trends in 2017

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In this blog post, we will discuss about the most popular mobile app design trends in 2017 that bring out beautiful mobile applications for end-users.

What makes a mobile app design perfect? Well, before answering the question, it is important to understand the purpose of your app project. The mobile app design serves its ultimate purpose of offering an engaging and intuitive interface. If your app’s design fails to deliver the same, it will not be able to serve its ultimate purpose.

It is important to include modern trends when designing a mobile app to drive your business. Your app design must deliver a quality experience to make your business loved among target users. The majority of app designers ensure the best implementation of popular trends when designing an app, aiming to provide the ultimate experience to your target audience.

It helps your app match up to the expectations of users and thus benefits your business in terms of discovering potential customers and revenue. The year 2017 witnessed many popular mobile app design trends that took the creativity of app developers company to the next level. Let us have a look at some of these popular trends:

Material Design

It has become one of the most popular mobile app design trends in 2017, especially for the Android platform. Introduced by Google, material design advocates three-dimensional appearance of elements to improve an overall appearance of UI. It includes many important things like shadows, cards, edges, etc., to refine users’ experience entirely.

Card Layout Design

The card layout design is in a huge practice in this year. It is the best way of improving the overall UX experience of a mobile app and makes it more engaging. Since its introduction in 2014, it has been a popular app design trend for a few years and redefined the UX standard. It aims to shift users’ attention to functionality from visual appearance.

Enhanced Scrolling

Creative scrolling is the most trending concept used in mobile app designing. The recently launched mobile apps feature gestures instead of navigational buttons. Users tend to like this innovative way to access a mobile app. The gesture-driven approach is an inspiration for many mobile app developers who aspire improved user engagement and retention.

Wearable Devices

In today’s time, apps are above smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets; these are now developed for a range of wearables including smartwatches, glasses and more. The ever-increasing market share of smart wearable continues to shine with the widen user-base. In the present year, businesses are repeatedly introducing various feature-rich apps that deliver an incredible user-experience and a convenient space to perform various tasks smartly.

Appealing Typography

Typography is the most impactful factor to rev up the accessibility of your mobile app. Along with navigation, layout customization and UI; you need to deliver content using adaptive typography. Be careful with space, font types, headlines, paragraphs, and the hierarchy of content while progressing with the mobile app designing process.


Mobile apps that portray colorful elements over a white background are no longer in trend, though that is evergreen. In 2017, the creative UI/UX designers are serving a great example for the usage of bright colors over dark backgrounds. The interactive layouts of mobile app designs look more impressive and favorable to fascinate your mobile app users.


Animation acts as an important factor to connect with the users and enables them to explore the amazing world of lifelike experiences. If you want to show creativity in your app, the functional animation will add spark to your mobile app’s design, and help you logically get entertainment stuff.

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Interestingly, animation enables you to attract eyeballs of your user to the desired section of the screen. Following mobile app design trends helps a lot in influencing user activities, driving them towards end-goal.

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  1. This is definite that you people marked awesome trends for mobile app designing. I want to add one more here I.e. full screen experience, yes with the appearance of iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy frame less design has come into the scene


    1. AppsChopper Post author

      The design trends keep changing every year Ritika. Say, iPhone X brought the revolution of full stretched app screens, and other device manufacturers improvised it to all screen.


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