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Music is the best remedy to soothe our souls; some music works as a remembrance for us, and some give us an adrenaline rush. In this blog, we have picked some best free music apps for your iOS and Android phones to give you a better music listening experience.

Music is our everyday partner and travels with us almost everywhere. It relaxes our minds, brings back memories, or provides an adrenaline rush, sometimes all at once. Music stays with us wherever we go – at home, in the club, and anywhere in between. And it is always there for us, whether we’re in a joyous mood, a gloomy mood, or coping with a sudden heartbreak.

Streaming mobile apps have changed the way we all listen to music on the move, allowing people to stream whatever music they want on the go, without having to download and save it first.

In this digital era of online streaming, music has become more convenient and accessible than ever before. With this in mind, many prominent brands and app developers are launching amazing music apps for iPhone and Android devices.

There are numerous free music streaming apps available in the market for you, but if you’re struggling to find which one can meet your demands, we have listed some of the best music apps that have a free version for iOS and Android phones to help you find your groove.

The Best Free Music Apps for iOS and Android Platforms


The OG of music streaming apps, Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming platform and gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from various artists all over the world.

Spotify topped the list of best music streaming apps in 2019, with 217 million monthly active users as per the first quarter of 2019. Among them, 100 million are premium subscribers. Spotify has all the advanced features you’re looking for in a music app. Spotify boasts both the most elegant user interface among its peers and an immense music library containing over 45 million songs.

Spotify allows you to have a free account, or upgrade to Premium to receive bonus features such as ad-free streaming, offline listening, and higher sound quality. The Premium version starts with a free 3-month trial, after which you’ll be charged $9.99/month.

Why should you choose Spotify?

It allows you to discover new music, albums, and podcasts on your desktop, mobile, or tablet devices for free, with great user experience.
Spotify’s advanced algorithms provide an unparalleled personalized music experience.

A sophisticated search feature lets you search for your favorite artist, song, or even podcast, and play them on shuffle mode.
It has a massive library of over 45 million songs and podcasts.

Store links: Android and iOS

YouTube Music

We all know that YouTube is the largest video streaming and sharing platform in the world for watching and uploading videos, but they’ve also become a major player in the music streaming game as well. With the increasing demand for on the move music, Google launched YouTube Music in 2015. It is a music streaming service that allows users to browse through songs and music videos based on genres, playlists, and recommendations.

YouTube Music is considered to be one of the top-notch music apps from Google since its inception, due to the popularity of YouTube and a feature that gives you access to all YouTube videos in the form of audio as well as video. Its simpler and tailored user interface allows you to discover the latest albums, live performances, and single hits from your favorite artists.

Like Spotify, YouTube Music also offers a premium version with a free trial for the first month and $9.99/month afterward, including benefits such as ad-free listening, background listening, offline music experience, and more. YouTube Music is a great app but it would be a better app if it allows background music playback in the free version, as it restricts users from multitasking and the always-on mobile display will consume more device battery.

Why should you choose YouTube Music?

  • Easily discover the albums, songs, live performances, covers, and remixes you crave.
  • Great search functionality. You can even search by lyrics if you are not sure of the song title.
  • It gives you personalized recommendations based on your taste, location, and time of the day.
  • The shortlist section helps you explore what’s trending.
  • YouTube Music saves your favorite music for offline listening if you enable Offline Mixtape.
  • The premium version of the YouTube Music app allows you to enjoy ad-free music, background playback, and songs download options.

Store links: Android and iOS


SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio streaming platform, with 200 million tracks, but It has always been more than just a music streaming platform. Its open global community, with more than 20 million artists, bands and podcasters, makes it stand out from other available platforms and allows anyone to share their discoveries with their community. With SoundCloud, you will get easy access to mixes, chart-topping albums, live sets, and more.

SoundCloud offers three types of premium subscriptions. The first one is the Pro subscription, designed for music creators, which starts from $6 a month and offers additional storage space and analytics for uploaded tracks. The second one is for listeners and is named SoundCloud Go, which costs $5 a month and offers an ad-free and offline listening feature. Lastly, the Go+ membership costs $10 for a month, offers high-quality audio and access to SoundCloud’s full catalog with no previews.

Why should you choose SoundCloud?

  • It makes it easy to find millions of rising and esteemed artists and podcasters.
  • It gives you access to a global community of renowned artists, allows you to upload your own music.
  • It provides access to music that is not available anywhere else.
  • Custom-tailored music suggestions.
  • You can explore SoundCloud Charts for the best music or podcasts in each genre.

Store links: Android and iOS


Deezer is an online music streaming platform that allows users to listen to music from record labels, including Sony Music, and Warner Music Group on various devices online as well as offline. Its flow feature is what separates it from other streaming apps, figuring out your favorite types of music based on your streaming history and creating a personalized mix of music and artists just for you.

Deezer has 14 million monthly active users, of which 7 million are premium subscribers. With 56 million tracks, 30,000 radio channels, playlists, and podcasts plus personalized recommendations, Deezer is a true music companion. It is easily accessible on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Deezer offers two separate premium subscriptions. The first one starts at $10/month, with access to millions of songs, offline playback, and no ads. The second version goes for $20/month and includes a HiFi subscription that uses HD FLAC codecs to provide you the best possible music listening experience. There is also a free version, offering limited features.

Why should you choose Deezer?

  • It has a vast catalog with 56 million songs.
  • It has the shuffle mode feature.
  • Its flow feature mixes songs for you and helps you expand your musical horizons.
  • You can easily add the tracks you love to your music collection by tapping on the favorites button.
  • You can quickly discover podcasts, radio stations, and audio channels.

Store links: Android and iOS

TuneIn Radio

For the old-school among us, the radio will always be king. If that sounds like you, then experience old meeting new with TuneIn, featuring a collection of music, news, podcasts, sports, AM, and FM radio from around the world. With the world’s most extensive library of the live audio, listen to what matters most to you.

TuneIn boasts more than 5.7 million podcasts and over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations globally. By subscribing to the premium version of this app, you can listen to MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL games, plus commercial-free news from CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News Talk, and a vast array of nonstop commercial-free music stations.

Why should you choose the TuneIn Radio app?

  • You’ll never miss a live sports game.
  • You can discover the best new songs and artists in every genre, along with all your favorites.
  • You can experience live news from local, national, and global sources, including renowned outlets such as CNBC, CNN, BBC, and more.
  • It gives you access to your favorite podcasts, from chart toppers to newly discovered gems.
  • It is accessible on devices such as Apple Watch, Google Home, Alexa, and more.

Store links: Android and iOS

Final Thoughts

This curated list of some of the best free music apps for iOS or Android should help in improving your music listening experience.
There’s no shortage of music streaming apps out there, but we hope we helped you narrow down which apps are right for you. With most streaming apps offering free trials, we encourage you to take advantage to see which features are most important to you before fully committing to one streaming service. But one thing’s for sure, the right app for you is out there.

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