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News plays a vital role in the life of people who like to feed their minds with the current affairs going all around the world. In this blog, we have listed some must-have features to include in your news app to offer a smart reading experience to your users.

This era is a generation of digital media and mobile app development has changed the way content is accessed nowadays. Most users are breaking the conventional ways of doing things and inclining more towards adopting the digital approach for the same.

Hence, many people have shifted their ways of news ingestion from radio, newspapers, and websites to news apps, which are handy and easily accessible on smartphones.

There are tons of news apps available for users, but for many people, finding the right one that can live up to their demand is quite a challenging process.

If you are looking to build one, we will help you strategize and combat the challenge to freeze the features and considerations for your news app. We have handpicked top 10 news app features you must incorporate to give users a better experience of news reading.

List of Top News App Features

An Apt UX and UI

What is the first thing that draws users’ attention towards an app, apart from its content, be it a news app, a shopping app, or others? The answer is its more simplistic user experience and interface. UX/UI design is a users’ primary means of interaction with apps. The design of any app can do wonders or can disappoint the users to a certain extent.

Thus, your business needs to build a news app that has a user-centered and handy to navigate experience, which will help users to browse and explore the entire app easily, resulting in improved user engagement. With an apt design, your users will get a smart and optimal on-screen reading experience.

Showing Breaking News on the Top of Others

There are several events, and incidents happening all around the world. We all know that some news is more engaging than others and deserves to be on the top, compared to others. Therefore, showing breaking news at the top of the rest is a must-have feature for you to include in your news app and grab the attention of the target users right away.

Incorporating breaking news feature in the news app will keep your users aware of the latest updates and won’t let them miss any of the trending news of their interest. Choosing this feature to instill in a news app can be a lucrative choice, as with this, the target users will engage with the news app more frequently and will feel updated, which will result in a large amount of customer engagement.

Categorization of News

It is undoubtedly one of the noteworthy features to incorporate for any business that has decided to build a news app. This feature is capable enough to draw the attention of users to the news app all by itself

Every user is different and holds different interests related to anything and everything, and the news is no different. Thus, you must bombard your news app with various categories, such as entertainment, sports, technology, and more, to ease the users’ effort. Besides, the categorization feature gives users so many options to choose from, with this, users will be able to find relevant content as per their interests.

Offline Access

Most of the news apps, generally run on the internet, users need to have an internet connection to check the news. Keeping this in view, businesses must think from users’ point of view and try to enhance users’ reading experience by incorporating the feature of offline accessing of news for them, which will result in drawing more and more users’ attention.

With this feature, users will be able to consume news on the go, even if they do not have an internet connection. Inculcating this feature in a news app can be a great initiative and a profitable move for your news business, resulting in increased revenue.

Accessing All Types of Media Files

Images, videos, GIFs, etc., play a vital role during content consumption and sometimes also work as adding a feather in the cap. It is one of the most significant features you must incorporate in your news app to improve user experience. This feature will help users to access all types of media files, be it images, videos, GIFs, or others as well without having to leave your news platform.

This feature of news application can leave a remarkable impact on your target users, as we all know that more convenient accessibility always results in more customer engagement, which will help your business to earn maximum revenue out of the same.

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News Sharing Option

Many a time, users encounter an appealing and informative piece of news which they think of instantly sharing it with their friends, family, or their loved ones. But they curb themselves as there is no availability of news sharing feature in the news app that leaves users with a poor impression.

Thus, it becomes essential for you to include social sharing buttons for the news in the news app to make the news-sharing experience of users trouble-free. The sharing options must include social media platforms, email, WhatsApp, and others.

Adding Favorite News Channels

The users have their preferences related to the ingestion of news. And picking up the best news channel among all is a tough job to perform. However, trust in the news domain is vital, and users generally rely on the different news channels as per their suitability.

Thus, providing the feature of adding favorite news channels to users as per their suitability can work wonders for your business in terms of customer engagement. Incorporating this feature will allow users to customize their list and add multiple channels for needed news, that will be accessible to them whenever they want without investing much time.

Availability of News in the Form of Audio

Hours of reading on the phone are not a healthy habit, and doing this might give a strain on the readers’ eyes or other health problems as well. To make this go away, you must incorporate the feature of availing news to the users in the form of audio. Text-to-speech can do wonders for you here.

With this feature, users can get the latest update of their preferred news just by listening to them. At the very same time, it will be a beneficial choice from the business viewpoint as well, because more features give users more options to explore, resulting in greater customer engagement.

Personalized Settings

Users get fond of using any app which takes care of their preferences. With this in mind, adding the feature of a personal setting is a crucial feature for businesses to include in a news app.

This feature will allow users to personalize the schedule of their news, such as getting the notifications as per their suitable timings, font size adjustment, reading mode (day or night), etc. With this feature, users can have the option of personalizing the news as per their accordance, which will help them to get a smart reading experience.

Ad-Free News

Don’t you find it annoying when you are engrossed in reading a piece of informative news and suddenly get interrupted by unimportant ads? Yes, it is. However, you can easily avoid this annoyance and give your users an uninterrupted enhanced reading experience by providing the ad-free news service to them.

Instilling this feature in a news app will help users to enjoy their reading of news without any disruption as well as the users will gravitate more towards your app.

Final Thoughts

There are various news apps available in the market, but in this blog, our motive was to highlight all those essential features you must incorporate in your news app to enhance the users’ news-reading experience. After reading about the mentioned ten mighty considerations for news apps, it will be easy for your business to build an amazing news app and include the right features for better user engagement.

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