Best News Apps for iOS and Android to Stay on Top of Breaking News

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Do you prefer consuming news through your smartphone? Looking for an app that can get you all the relevant news you want? We’ve selected some of the best news apps for iOS and Android to keep you up-to-date with current affairs and the latest news.

Gone are the days when people used to wait for a morning newspaper or watch television for news intake. Thanks to the advent of advanced smartphone technology and today’s fast-paced world, that changed it all. Due to busy schedules, people are gravitating towards mobile apps for news consumption because these apps are convenient and fit right in their palm.

Today’s generation is smart; they ask so many questions before they make their pick like what is the best news app for iOS and Android? What is the most popular news app? What are the best free news apps available on the market? And so on. Well, the market is flooded with great news apps, and it is necessary to choose the best among all with the features to redefine your news reading experience and satisfy all your news consumption needs.

Top 8 Popular News Reader Apps for iOS and Android

Finding the news apps that can give you all the relevant news as per your want is difficult. So, we dug deeper to select the best news apps for iPhones and Android smartphones to keep you connected with the current happenings. Herein the list of some great free and paid news apps that you should install on your phone right now.

1. Google News App (iOS / Android)

Google News is a smart news app that leverages AI technology and pulls news sources from around the world, so you are likely to find your favorite sites and publications. Google News is a free app that keeps you updated with all the latest, meaningful, and relevant happenings around the world with a customized new briefing. It is also best-known for offering a polished, sophisticated, and smooth news reading experience.

Key Features of Google News App:

  • Access over 1000 magazines in a mobile-optimized reading experience.
  • News content aggregation at once place from multiple credible sources.
  • Availability of news for offline reading.
  • ‘Your Briefing’, to easily discover the news of your interest.
  • ‘Full Coverage’, to explore the complete news story.

2. Microsoft News App (iOS / Android)

Microsoft News app, earlier known as MSN News, is the best news platform for you to stay updated with the world’s current happenings. It gives you breaking news from the world’s most trusted sources. This free mobile news app offers a lightweight and easy-to-use interface that will leave you with incredible news reading experience.

Key Features of Microsoft News App:

  • Enhance news reading experience with well-organized content.
  • Easily syncs with mobile, computer, and tablet.
  • Collects content from different sources.
  • Select light or dark themes, get breaking news alerts, and a lot more.
  • Explore all the news in one convenient place.

3. AP Mobile News App (iOS / Android)

With a massive team of dedicated reporters focusing on all trending topics, Associated Press (AP) News is one of the sought-after news apps to have on your smartphone. The app knows how to present stories engagingly. AP news keeps on refreshing content so often to deliver updated news that keeps readers intrigued.

Key Features of AP News App:

  • Aggregates news from over 15000 trusted resources.
  • Real-time news stories from around the world.
  • Award-winning photos, videos, and articles from around the world.
  • Available in English and Spanish languages.

4. The New York Times App (iOS / Android)

The New York Times is one of the most popular news sources from around the globe. Their app is built with keeping UX/UI in mind and has everything to give you a smart news reading experience. It gives you breaking news alerts, social sharing, offline reading, and more. The audio and video features are something that makes it a one-of-a-kind news app.

Key Features of The New York Times App:

  • Breaking news alerts that link directly to developing stories.
  • Share articles, photos, and videos on social platforms.
  • Exclusive videos and award-winning photography.
  • Podcasts feature and Spanish-language coverage with NYT Espanol.

5. BBC News App (iOS / Android)

BBC News is a globally trusted news brand that lets you discover breaking news stories delivered by eminent journalists from around the world. Its exciting and personalized ways to engage you with news make this app different from others. The app also enables you to enjoy the live streaming of BBC World Service Radio Station.

Key Features of the BBC News App:

  • ‘My News’ section to personalize and follow exciting news.
  • Search and discover content quickly.
  • Access varieties of videos and audios.
  • Adjust text size with a font control feature.

6. Flipboard News App (iOS / Android)

Flipboard is one popular news app for iOS and Android devices, known for its appealing interface. The app contains news, conversations, and other famous stories at one convenient place. It allows you to create a personal magazine, find articles you want to read later, and use the ‘+’ sign to flip them into your magazines. This news app also creates smart news stories based on your past interactions.

Key Features of Flipboard News App:

  • Collate 9 smart magazines together for quick access.
  • Read and share various exciting stories.
  • ‘Daily Edition’ section keeps a tab on the latest news regularly.
  • Collect stories across specific themes and add them to your magazine.

7. CNN News App (iOS / Android)

CNN is a pioneer in the world of news. Their app is a condensed version of its original site that offers a wide variety of articles, with a primary focus on the US audience. This news app contains some unique content and enables you to consume your favorite news anywhere. Also, the app has a distinct feature of videos that cover many breaking stories and draw the attention of newsworms.

Key Features of CNN News App:

  • Watch live CNN television anywhere anytime.
  • Access breaking news stories, photo galleries, and news clips.
  • Contains the latest multimedia technologies, live video streaming, audio packages, and a lot more.
  • Video-on-demand and live TV limited to US consumers.

8. BuzzFeed News App (iOS / Android)

BuzzFeed news platform becomes popular with its viral listicles, fun bits, and other interesting content. This news app consolidates everything in one place and allows you to customize the type of articles as per your interest. The menu lets you engage with quizzes, trending stories, and also allows you to explore news using the advanced search.

Key Features of BuzzFeed News App:

  • Hand-picked news from around the world accumulated by skilled editors.
  • Customize notifications with priorities.
  • Easy options to share news directly from the app.
  • Bookmark posts to read later with the option to sync them on all your devices.

Wrapping Up

Emerging mobile technology has led people to access the updated news and current affairs on their fingertips via apps. The list for the best news apps can go on and on as there are so many other apps that offer a great user experience. However, the described above 8 news apps for iOS and Android will help you pick the right app for your improved news reading experience.

The news industry nowadays is on the rapid rise and so is their demand to have the best news app in the market. Thus, they look for an eminent company skilled in news app development that will make your news app stand out in the app stores.

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