App of the Week: Feist – Beautiful Action Adventure Game

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A multi-award-winning game, Feist app is for someone who loves action and looking for the top story based game-play. The perfectly designed game is capable of amusing your mind with a beautiful story of a fragile little fur creature. Relieve yourself with an adventurous journey of survival while playing the game. Featuring the desperate attempt of the character to rescue its mate from predators, the game lets you make an unforgettable, mesmerizing as well as challenging gaming experience.

Feist App Features

  • Enjoy lots of challenges while engaging with a tough fight for survival.
  • Mesmerizing and amazing graphics and animation.
  • A thrilling and haunting sound effect.
  • A splendid and spooky natural environment.
  • Meet enemies with versatile abilities, emergent interaction, etc.
  • A dynamic and flamboyant world beatified with various strange beasts.
  • Get a true experience of dynamic game-play by engaging with all elements while playing the game and help them contribute to the game beyond their actual function.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Enjoy game center achievement.
  • Game is available in different languages including Russian, Spanish, French Italian and others.

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Feist gaming app is unique from others in the same niche, in terms of player controls and momentum. The movements are swift and easy to control, be it running, jumping, attack, defense or any other activity. Though the game doesn’t feature a large story arc, still players love the challenges of rescuing the game characters from predatory creatures.

Available for both iOS and Android platforms, Feist is free to download for everyone. It is available with in-app purchases and needs users to pay $3.99 (iOS) for Feist full game.

The Gameplay

  • Feist features the story of a fragile fur creature and its hard attempts to make their mate free from the clutch of predators.
  • Users engaging with the game can go through an adventurous journey of a mysterious world, which is quite similar to a natural world.
  • On the course of the journey, you face lots of challenges especially while experiencing the merciless fight for survival, when the deadly environment creates a lot of hurdles.

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