App of the Week: Canva – Graphic Design Creator

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Thinking of creating a splendid graphic design is clumsy? Get a reason for smile with Canva, all-in-one design app. Make a simple and an enticing design with the app for both personal and professional purpose. Canva app enables you to create simple, fun and expressive graphics to create greeting card, marriage invitation, photo collage, etc. All you need to do is to simply download and install the app, to create, edit and share your design anywhere and anytime.

Canva App Features

  • 60,000+ templates designed by professionals to choose from, to create posters, blog headers, flyers, logo, etc.canva2
  • Once you get your favorite template, you can customize it according to your own way, by adding texts, pictures, colors and fonts.
  • Create a unique design that lets you get more attention on social media, appreciation from your friends and others.
  • Get 1 million+ of stock images and designs to choose from. These are available with 100s of free elements and fonts.
  • Once you create your image, you can use photo editor to make it more graceful. Use ready-to-go filter to edit images, adjust brightness and contrast, etc., to get the desired look and feel.
  • Once you created a final design, you can now share it on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also save it on your device and share through email, messaging apps, and others.
Those having a passion for creating beautiful graphics, Canva app, developed by top mobile apps development company, lets them design like a professional, even if they don’t possess the required skills. And earn great appreciations from others. As the most acclaimed graphic design platform, Canva has something for all, whether you are an organization or an individual professional.Available on both iOS and Android, Canva app is available free of cost as a basic version. The app is also available with premium features, which are paid.

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How Canva App Works?

App of the week - Canva 2

Create, edit and share images – all these are possible at one go with Canva app. Here’s how the app works.

  • New users need to first sign up to create an account to use the app. The information users provide during their account creation gets saved on the server.
  • All templates and stock images are saved on the server. When users select and open the particular template or image, their request first goes to server, data is then processed accordingly and the desired item appears accordingly.
  • All editing tools are saved on the backend server and appear while editing the images, according to users’ requests.
  • Once users create images, the app gives them a direct access to social media platform to share their designs.

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