7 Best AR and VR Apps Available for iPhone & Android

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AR and VR technology have gained immense popularity in the mobile app industry by creating a rich, immersive, and interactive user experience. This blog will walk you through the best AR and VR apps for iOS and Android that can infuse virtual joy in your life.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are one-of-a-kinds, evolving technologies. From social media to complex medical processes, AR and VR technology are proving its potential as a useful tool that can be adopted for handling many chores. The growing demand shows that many businesses are reaping the benefits of this powerful technology in different ways to make mobile apps more advanced and purposeful.

The demand for AR and VR apps is ever-increasing in this technology-driven world. Statista forecasts that the number of AR and VR users in the US will reach over 95 million by 2022, and that’s huge. Marketers also believe that AR and VR app development will shape the future of the mobile app industry and keep enhancing the virtual aspects.

Top 7 Must-Try AR and VR Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Have you come across many AR and VR applications while scouting Google but not able to decide which of them are best? No worries! We worked diligently and handpicked some of the best AR and VR mobile apps for iOS and Android users. Herein the list:

1. Pokemon Go (AR)

Do you know that Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 1 billion times? Pokemon Go is one of the best examples of a profitable AR app that generated $207 million in revenue its first month and reached a zenith of 45 million daily users worldwide.

It is one of the most popular AR-based games that gained tremendous appreciation by users for redefining gaming experience. Pokemon Go features excellent gameplay that lets gamers engage with searching for Pokemon and various other items.


  • Players can visit several PokeStops and gyms, and they can also discover several exciting places, including art installation, museums, monuments, and more.
  • Once players successfully level up, they will be able to hatch Pokemon eggs.
  • Players can join any of three gyms and then indulge themselves in claiming ownership of gyms.
  • Get the helping hands of 20 other trainers to defeat Raid Boss.

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2. Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR is a popular VR app that lets users explore the world from entirely new perspectives in virtual reality through satellite imagery and 3D terrain. Developed with the best use of VR technology, this app lets users zoom their houses and enjoy the street view with 360-degree. The advancement of this VR app also allows users to get a complete picture of 3D buildings of their desired places.


  • Explore 3D buildings in numerous cities across the world.
  • Zoom the subject from any location.
  • Watch street view with a 360-degree perspective.
  • Lets users share postcards with their friends.

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3. Google Translate (AR)

Google Translate is the world’s best-known free translation tool. The app supports multiple languages and lets users translate one language into others smoothly. One can also read memes, signs, packaging, and more, in other languages. Its word-lens based augmented reality translation is very effective and accurate, which makes it one of the best AR apps.


  • Users can get to choose from 103 languages.
  • The easier process to translate, copy the text in the provided box, and get results instantly.
  • It can translate up to 59 languages (with no internet connection).
  • Users can also avail features like camera mode, conversation mode, handwriting, and others.

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4. LittlStar – VR Video Network

LittlStar is a consumer media VR app, delivering on-demand music, comedy, sports, and more. It is one of the most popular VR video networking apps developed with the proficient use of VR and AR technology that lets users search and share popular content from well-known platforms, such as NBC, National Geographic, Disney VR, Sony, and many others.


  • Take AR images and share them on social media networks.
  • Littlstar supports 360-degree panoramic videos.
  • Control video using gyroscope or touch.
  • Users can find stereoscopic mode for tray-based headsets and also Google Cardboard.

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5. Snapchat (AR)

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that became famous among millennials because of its impressive filters. Snapchat lets users talk with their loved ones, view live stories from around the world, and also explore news. Snapchat’s AR feature has a great impact on making it one of the most beloved photo-sharing and social media apps. It’s packed with compelling AR features, such as face swap, dog filter, and others that entice users.


  • The app opens the camera of users’ devices and helps in capturing precious moments.
  • Live messaging and group messaging give users reasons to engage with Snapchat.
  • Meet new people and follow others to see their stories.
  • Users can use the snap map to find where their friends are busy.

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6. Fulldive VR

Fulldive VR is a user-generated virtual reality (VR) navigation and social media platform that allows users to share their own stories, see, react, and comment on their friends’ stories. It enables users to browse and access a new media generation, including 360 images and videos. Being one of the widely popular VR apps for iOS and Android, it is fully compatible with Daydream headsets as well as Google Cardboard.


  • Stream all YouTube videos in virtual reality.
  • Stream all 3D and 360 videos in virtual reality, with 3D YouTube.
  • Play all videos and experiences like a movie theater with a VR 2D/3D video player.
  • VR browser enables users to browse anything online in virtual reality.
  • Capture images and videos through VR Camera, store, and access images through the VR image gallery.

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7. Magicplan (AR)

Magicplan is another successful augmented reality (AR) app that helps people in drawing up modern floor plans in a simple yet appealing way, just by using the camera of smartphones. To create a wholly incredible and stunning floor plan, all you need to do is to scan the area for 30 seconds and build up a complete floor plan in minutes.


  • Users can create a floor plan via a smartphone’s camera.
  • Enables users to draw a complete floor plan in minutes.
  • Create 3D models and export plans in JPG, PDF, PNG, CSV, SVG, and DXF.
  • It allows users to furnish plans with over 1000 objects.
  • Users can create customized objects.

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Wrapping Up

AR and VR technology makes life more exciting and a lot more interesting in so many ways as it gives users a multi-dimensional way to interact with the world. Due to the advent of this advanced technology and the availability of vast apps, the list of best AR and VR apps for iOS and Android can be never-ending. However, in this blog, we have covered the popular ones available on the market right now. Let’s see how many of them will strike a chord with you: one, two, or all.

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