App of the Week: Fulldive VR – Virtual Reality App

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If you’re the one searching for the best social and VR platform, your search ends on none other than Fulldive VR. Join the all-in-one platform and engage in following what your friends are watching, commenting, reacting and sharing. With Fulldive VR app, explore 100% user-generated content including 500 games and 1 million videos, approved by top-notch sources like Facebook, YouTube and others.

VR apps are changing the way how users interact with learns with the content. It places users at the center of the content. Businesses are coming up with great concepts of VR apps and apps making companies are building applications to convert their concepts into reality.

Fulldive VR App Features

  • The Fulldive VR app enables you to watch all YouTube videos in virtual reality.fulldive
  • 3D Youtube enables you to watch live streaming of all 3D YouTube videos in virtual reality.
  • 360 YouTube enables you to enjoy watching 360 YouTube videos in virtual reality.
  • Use VR 2D/3D Video Player to stream all interesting videos and experience like a movie theater.
  • VR Browser enables users to browse anything online in virtual reality.
  • Use VR Camera to capture beautiful images in virtual reality.
  • VR Image Gallery lets you store your interesting images and videos.
  • VR 360 Photo Gallery allows users to store and also access 360 images.

With full compatibility on Daydream headsets and Cardboard, Fulldive VR app lets you immerse yourself with the fun of 3D video gaming and watching movies, videos, etc. The application lets users gain a true experience of accessing new generation media. All VR content featured on the app are highly engaging and growing tremendously.

Available for both iOS and Android users, Fulldive VR is available free for everyone.

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How Fulldive VR App Works?

Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality

The Fulldive VR app is a complete entertainment pack, letting users play video content stored in their devices in VR. It works in the following ways.

  • The app stores all movies, videos, games, etc., on the backend server. When users click on particular videos to watch, the request goes to the server accordingly, which processes data further to stream the videos.
  • It features numbers of VR content including My Video, Fulldive Mobile, My Photos, My VR Apps, YouTube, and others. Users can make their choice of using these content by sending their requests to the server.
  • The backend server stores every activity of registered users and lets an individual user follow activities of others

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