What Are the Advantages of Hiring Professional UI/UX Designers for Your App?

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Do you want to attract more users and drive more installs to your app by crafting a persuasive app design? Take the help of a professional. This blog lists various reasons why you should hire an expert UI/UX designer to take your app design to the next level.

In today’s fast-paced world, catching and retaining people’s attention has become increasingly difficult for businesses. That said, keeping updated with the mobile app design trends and crafting compelling UI/UX design for mobile applications becomes crucial than ever for organizations to stay competitive and move ahead.

A great mobile app UX/UI design makes an app easy and pleasant to use. Better UX/UI design ensures an intuitive user experience and increases customer satisfaction. It also helps businesses convert visitors into regular users and ultimately into potential buyers.

Americans spend nearly 90% of their mobile time only on apps (and the number is ever-increasing). In fact, 75% of app downloads are accessed only once. The reason for this may be UI/UX design. Considering these stats, emphasizing UX/UI design becomes imperative. Consequently, businesses seek the help of a professional mobile app design agency that can build a robust UX/UI app design and help them succeed.

But why hire a professional apps company for UI/UX design? Can’t you take care of the UX/UI design on your own? What are the benefits of UI/UX design services?

Well, simply put, there are numerous benefits of custom mobile UI/UX design.

Let’s settle these questions once and for all. But before that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of mobile app UI/UX Design.

What Is the Difference Between UX and UI Design?

UX refers to the user experience, while UI stands for the user interface. They both are different but need to go hand in hand for the optimal experience. UI is more about the look and function of the app. If you look closely into the fundamentals of mobile app UX design, you will understand that the UX is mainly focused on the user’s journey to solve a problem.

Directly or indirectly, the UI has an impact on the user experience. When UI is done right, including user research, usability, branding, functionality, and other considerable things, UX becomes powerful and vice versa.

Jason Ogle defines the difference between UI and UX beautifully. He says, “UI is the bridge that gets us where we want to go, UX is the feeling we get when we arrive.”

For your better and vast understanding, we’ve prepared a separate guide on the difference between UI and UX design. Give it a read!

Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Skilled UI/UX App Designer for Your Business?

Now you know what importance UI and UX hold and the difference between these two. It’s time to move forward and learn UI/UX design benefits for businesses to win a competitive advantage over others. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Better Accessibility and Usability

UI/UX designers know how to make your app easily accessible to users. This maximizes the visibility, consistency, and user-friendliness of your mobile application. The advantages of UI/UX design services are — the team makes the overall app’s aesthetics and functionality intuitive by ensuring the use of well-resonating colors, fonts, images, videos, animations, navigation, buttons, etc. Therefore, your mobile app gets enhanced accessibility and usability.

Improved Brand Awareness

Do you agree that in today’s fiercely competitive industry, if your app is plain, dull, and unexciting, you will stay behind? Of course, you would. That’s where you need proficient UX/UI app designers. They scrutinize the market, strategize, and then craft a unique, simplistic (yet compelling) UI and UX design that helps you stand out from the crowd and gives you a (much needed) boost in brand recognition.

Faster and Engaging App

Eye-catching images, videos, animations, and other graphics might awe-inspire users but can also increase app load times. As a result, users might move to competitors. The advantages of UI/UX designers are — they know how to maintain a required balance between style, graphics, and performance. They craft the graphics keeping the performance of the app in mind. They ensure that the user’s need is met, keeping the speed and performance intact.

Takes Users to the Bottom of the Funnel

What’s the motive of any business? To take users to the bottom of the funnel. Most of the time, it’s the same for almost all the companies. There are so many elements in an application that can cause anger, frustration, and confusion to the users, leading them to abandon your app. That said, adept UX/UI designers fix these issues, guide the users throughout their journey, and convince them to make a purchase.

Optimized Development Time and Cost

Just by looking at an app, you can tell whether it’s poorly designed or has been crafted with a well-thought-out plan. That said, we all know that a well-designed, optimized app works wonders. Of course, no one would want to use buggy apps that crash frequently.

That’s where the UI/UX app designer enters the game. They have immense industry experience, and that’s why they know what to integrate to make an app efficient and optimized. Therefore, saving valuable time and cost.

Higher User Acquisition/Retention

User acquisition and retention require a lot of strategy and forethought. With better UX and UI designs, the app faces no problem acquiring and retaining users with word-of-mouth publicity. It is all about building better relationships with your potential users; as a result, maximizing revenue.

One of the good reasons why you should hire a UX/UI designer is — s/he gauges everything about your app and creates a working user acquisition and retention strategy, making the spot on app aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, keeping the users intact.

Higher ROI

Forbes study says that an intuitive UX gives the highest ROI. You get around $100 for $1 spent in the US. In fact, Walmart grew its sales from 0 to 43% in 2018 by improving its UX. A team of well-versed UX/UI designers ensures to craft the UI/UX app design that gets you money. They perform A/B testing to check what users respond best to and refine the experience accordingly. They carry out the best strategy and maximize revenue.

Winding Up

Whether you are a startup owner or running a big e-commerce company, building a convincing app with robust UX/UI design is critical. We hope this go-to-post helped you understand the advantages of hiring professional UI/UX designers. If you really want to take your app designing game to a whole new level, consider taking the help of a professional rather than doing it on your own.

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