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Cost of Building an Android Application for Your Business

What is the Cost of Building an Android Application for Your Business?

In this blog post we will be throwing light on factors that will help you evaluate cost of building an android application for your business needs. Android apps are no longer been used just for entertainment purpose, but are able...

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Mobile App Revolution: Changing the Way Smartphones Work

Mobile app revolution is changing the way things are done. Mobile phones have become quite smart and are rightly called smartphones. These smart devices have made many of our tasks easier than ever. Whether we have to shop for our...

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successful app

Qualities and Attributes that Make Mobile App Successful

It does not come across as a surprise that there are closely  3.3 million apps on the Google’s Play Store, taking into account the widespread usage of Android smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. However, every mobile app listed in the...

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Is the Ongoing Mobile Payment Trends Signaling a Card Less Future

You must have observed the change in payment trends if you are an online shopper or pay bills online. Most of the e-commerce portals are now providing the option of paying through online wallets. As an online user, you no...

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Few Facts to Know About Mobile and Mobile Apps in 2015

Mobile and Mobile apps are increasingly evolving. In mobile industry, every new year, various unprecedented facts are discovered that drive developers & designers to bring effective changes in strategies that help them deploy desirable app and add new features in...

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Mobile App Marketing Strategies for 2015: Plan Now to Increase Sale Prolifically

Marketing mobile application is a challenging job in today’s competitive online marketplace. Even though your application possesses high-end & unique features, the ineffective marketing can lead to less profit or revenue below your expectations. If you want to make good...

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Why User Uninstall Mobile Apps

Reasons Why Users Uninstall Mobile Applications?

In this blog post we will be sharing insights of app uninstall trends, why users uninstall mobile applications and how you can improvise your apps to sustain more users. Do you know as per Gartner, success rate of mobile apps...

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Mobile App Along with Mobile Website

Why You Should have Mobile App for Business Along with Mobile Website?

In this blog post we will be sharing lights on why a mobile app for your business is must have to drive growth. If you are thinking your mobile website is enough for your business, you are, for sure, left...

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iOS 8 vs Android L: Have a Glimpse over Similarities & Differences

Google and Apple, the two powerful names in the world of smartphones, have recently banged the news of releasing their flagship platforms Android L and iOS 8 respectively in the coming days. The earlier versions of both the platforms have...

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Multi-platform Mobile Apps

Benefits of Having Multi-Platform Mobile Apps for Business

In this blog post we will be throwing lights on why it is important to have multi-platform mobile apps for business, and how it helps target users on both iOS and Android platforms. The credit goes to iOS and Android...

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How to Design Mobile Apps: Explore Significant Tips in Developing Apps

Today, the market of mobile applications has become huge. About millions of applications are downloaded every day. The population of smartphone’s and tablet’s user is increasing day by day. Therefore, mobile app development has grabbed the importance in today’s world....

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How to Choose Right Price for Mobile Apps: Perceive Significant Tips

Today, smartphones’ applications are trending and hence, there are numerous amazing app development companies and freelancers all around the world busy in developing the mobile applications. With the presence of the various advanced application development tools as well as the...

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