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mobile app trends 2019 – AppsChopper

11 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2019

In this blog, we have penned down the top app development trends that will be ruling 2019. Find out how mobile technology will be evolving. App development trends are meant to change year-by-year. The beginning of every year is expected...

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Pay You to Walk – AppsChopper

Best Apps that Pay You to Walk

In this blog, we have listed the best pay you to walk applications that have earned worldwide fame for their offerings. Is it possible to earn money through walking or simply daily workouts? Well, believe it or not, fact will...

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App of the week – Charity Miles

App of the Week: Charity Miles – Walking & Running Tracker

Are you yet to plan your fitness goal or searching for a valid purpose to walk. Don’t wait more! And plan your health activities as soon as possible. Charity Miles makes your every walk, running, cycling, etc., purposeful and pay...

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Pay you to Walk – AppsChopper

The Anatomy of Apps that Pay You to Walk: Business Model

In this blog post, we have uncovered how pay you to walk apps works in terms of keeping you fit as well as earning while walking. Thanks to the fast progressive mobile app technology letting users stay healthy and even...

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best emoji apps

8 Best Emoji Apps for iOS and Android Phones

In this blog, we have penned down 8 best emoji apps popular on iOS and android platform that you would love to install and engage with on your mobile device. Chatting is the most interesting activity that catches attention of...

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App of the week – Bitmoji

App of the Week: Bitmoji-Personalized Emoji App

Bored of chatting in the same way with your friends, family members and others? Well, you have a reason to smile. Get the best ever chatting experience with Bitmoji letting you create your own personal emoji and send it to...

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App Development Cost on iOS and Android – AppsChopper

Mobile App Development Cost on iOS and Android Platforms for Business

In this blog post, we have listed different factors which are considered while deciding the mobile app development cost for both iOS and Android. In today's smartphone dominated world, it’s vital to have a mobile app for your business to...

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Education App Development Trends – AppsChopper

Top 4 Education App Development Trends Ruled in 2018

In this blog post, we have discussed about the top education app development trends in 2018 that caught the huge attention of developers. Today’s 21st century of smartphone era prompted many industries to adopt the mobile app strategy to stay...

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App of the week – One Clue Crossword – AppsChopper

App of the Week: One Clue Crossword

Are you fond of playing crossword puzzle? Get ready to discover a unique experience with One Clue Crossword! Stuffed with 800+ puzzles accompanied with 200 bonus puzzles, the app is apt for word enthusiasts and lets them explore lots of...

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Best Photo Apps

10 Best Photo Apps for Mobile Photography Lovers

In this blog post, we will list down some of the best photo apps for mobile photography. We have handpicked these photo apps for their unique offerings. Thanks to rapid advancements in smartphones in terms of feature, which lets users...

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App of the Week – Splitwise

App of the Week: Splitwise – Best Roommates App

Looking to minimize complexity involved in paying bills and IOUs? Sharing bills among your friends and others is hectic; there is an app for the rescue, Splitwise. The app lets you split and share expenses, and ensure everyone gets back...

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Swift vs Objective-C

Swift vs Objective-C: Which one to Prefer for Your iOS App Development?

In this blog post, we will discuss on one of the most controversial topic: Swift vs Objective-C; suggesting the better technology for your next iOS app. Before launch of Swift, Objective-C was the most popular programming language in the mobile...

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