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Cairn-Go Case Study

Cairn-Go Case Study

Cairn-Go Case Study

Cab Booking App for Company Employees

Hard work and dedication never go in vain and we proved it right with the development of an interactive cab booking app.

Cairn-Go Case Study

The Client

Working as an Oil and Gas vertical of Vedanta, Cairn enjoys its successful existence in this industry for more than 20 years, playing a super head role in developing oil and gas resources in India. Cairn was looking for a team of consultants and engineers who could understand their business model and requirement of a cab booking app for employees, and offer a customized solution to take their current process to next level.

Cairn-Go App Challenges

The Challenge

Compatible with Cairn’s business model without losing simplicity and ease in navigation we consulted result-driven approach and well-drafted strategies. The client finally assigned the project to our team with below challenges:

  • A customized cab booking app accessible to company employees only.
  • Integrated features like late-sitting, pick/drop, saved addresses for employees.
  • Our major challenge was to deliver the app within 18 days.
Book ride
My rides
Late Sitting
GPS Navigation
Saved Address
Add Passenger
Pick/ Drop Solution
Solutions given to Cairn Solutions given to Cairn

Solutions from AppsChopper

Once commissioned, our zealous app developers drafted a rock solid strategy for app development to deliver the right solution that client was aspiring for. We suggested below solutions for engineering Cairn-Go:

  • We advised to include more stunning features like notifications, booking status, rides history, add passenger to improve user-experience.
  • We designed custom ticket functionality for login that enables only employees to access the application.
  • To deliver app within 18 days we break down the project into modules and made team of multiple engineers to work parallelly.
  • Our team put extra efforts in terms of time to make the app live in specified time-frame.
Cairn-Go App Outcome Cairn-Go App Outcome

The Outcome

After indefatigable efforts, AppsChopper’s team managed to provide the right solution to match expectations of the client and pursued their objectives successfully with fitting solution. The app we delivered was a great experience yielding below results:

  • Easy-to-use app with UI and UX customized for Cairn branding.
  • The employee cab booking app was admired and adopted by almost every user of the company.
  • The app was loaded with features like pick-up/drop, late sitting, saved address, add passenger, my rides, GPS navigation, booking status, push notifications and more.

Cairn Go Got Loved by Company Employees for Office Commute,
and Helped Client Gain Employee Satisfaction

18 Days in Strategic War Room

Defining Cairn-Go Strategies
1 4
9 JAN 2017

Defining Project
Management Strategies

We followed a different approach for this project as our primary focus was to wrap it up within 18 days. We assigned roles to analysts, designers, developers and testers, and made them work parallelly with agile approach.

Developing Cairn-Go App
1 4
16 JAN 2017

Development for both
Android & iOS

Since a week was spent in design approvals we started development of the app on iOS and Android platforms running alongside. The modules were written and integrated by our development teams in real-time.

QA & Testing Cairn-Go
1 4
24 JAN 2017

Quality Analysis &

After developing a fully-functional app, we made sure to analyze its functionalities and features. We performed testing on separate modules and integrated product for user-experience and code level bugs, and fixed them within next two days.

Client’s Feedback & Approval
1 4
27 JAN 2017

Client’s approval &

As soon as the app got green flag from our quality analysis team, we shared it with client for review. With all our efforts and best-practices the app exceeded clients’ expectation, and we got positive feedback for server configuration.

Value Added for Client

The delivered product was admired a lot by Cairn employees. With this app we helped add value to client as to the right:

Improved Work Culture: Employees started to travel together improving chemistry which reflected in improved work culture.

Satisfied Employees: Employee satisfaction as female employees adored the way Cairn solved their safety and travel problems.

Increased Work Completion: Employees started to stay even late for finishing jobs without any travel and safety concern.

We consider work over words.


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