The Client

Enjoying a good connection with footballers and athletes, the client, based in Europe, is committed to work for sports enthusiasts. Its main aim is to let them expand their social networks to connect with others and share ideas & thoughts. The client was looking for a trusted partner who could convert their app idea into a platform to allow sport enthusiasts to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Skilltaly Challenge

The Challenge

Understanding the client’s core concerns including business modules, objectives, ideas and target audience, we moved ahead confidently with dynamic strategies to pursue objectives of app development. The client approved us to go-ahead for building the app with the following challenges:

  • Build a social network customized for sports enthusiasts, where amateur and professionals can interact based on their region and location.
  • Real-time video editing and sharing among followers and sports lovers.
  • High performance and great user experience were something that was emphasized by the client.
Solutions for skilltaly

Solutions from AppsChopper

Our engineers overviewed the project and started the mission to deliver a highly scalable, user-engaging and feature-rich sports social networking app. We suggested a few additional functionalities that were added on the platform on the client’s approval:

  • Providing features like search for sports enthusiasts with filter of region to find and connect with others.
  • Improve video editing experience by including features like playback speed, cropping and overlay option for users.
  • Add features like tagging users, and sharing content via Facebook & LinkedIn.
Skilltaly App Outcome

Final Outcome

AppsChopper’s team of dexterous engineers managed and worked on the project consistently and ensured its delivery in the defined timeline. Collaborated the client throughout the development phase, we accomplished the project with the following outcomes:

  • The app generated a huge user base until now by utilizing the facets provided by it.
  • User experience of the new mobile app drove a higher engagement within the platform in terms of finding profiles, engaging with content feed, etc.
  • Robust video editing tools will all the features one may require to make video content engaging.

Skilltaly Got Loved by Sports Enthusiasts for the Custom Video Media and Delivered Higher Engagement Rate

6 Months Journey of Skilltaly

Evolving App Idea & Design
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5th Apr 2016

Evolving Ideas and Design

Our engineers proceeded with analyzing the ideas and created functional wireframes. Since the client wants everything on the social platform, we patiently reworked on the ever-changing concepts of the client. Once the features were frozen, we designed UI and UX of the app customized for the sports experience.

Integrated Advanced Functionalities
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21st Jul 2016

Integrated Advanced Functionality

Working on the strategy and architecture defined, our team coded the app architecture including design elements with unique experience. We accomplished a data model wherein the team integrated the navigation using slide menus, tab bars, and various buttons. We incorporated other features such as video editing, sharing from social platforms, etc., which was a bit challenging.

Quality & Performance Testing
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7th Sep 2016

Quality Test

Once developed, we tested the app on different devices and operating systems based on its adaptability, compatibility, and functionality. Since the app’s major functionalities were social and video editing features, we tested it under different circumstances; and fixed a few bugs found, ensuring the final product was bug-free and user-friendly.

Client Feedback and Publishing
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17th Oct 2016

Final Client Feedback

Getting equally focused on the timeline, we delivered the final project within the committed time-frame. The client was happy and need a few more changes that were implemented and the app was made live.

Value Added for Client

Our end product witnessed its rising popularity among athletes. It added value for the client in the following ways:

Hub of Showreel Media: The app became a center of content where users can add voice-over to video and describe game situations.

Social Channel for Sports Lover: The app empowers and improves the lives of athletes by serving as a platform of entertainment by letting them connect with sports fans easily.

Preferred Video Editor: The app attracted a lot of users to record, edit highlight reels, slow down the part and highlight themselves in the game.

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