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Anonymous Messaging App Solution Anonymous Messaging App Solution

Anonymous Messaging App Solution

Our anonymous messaging app is designed to allow your users receive and explore genuine reviews or feedbacks from their colleagues, co-workers, employees and others.

Using anonymous messaging app, users engage to respond, share and react anonymous text messages that work good for organizations and communities.

Anonymous Messaging App Screen

anonymous messaging screen

Anonymous Messaging Engine Features
Search and Text Users

Search & Text Users The anonymous messaging app offer users option to search contacts through email IDs and send private reviews, opinions, etc., to their co-workers, colleagues, friends and teammates.

Instant Reply

Instant Reply The app allows users to respond to any posts shared along with their profiles hassle-free. So they get space of replying back to any feedbacks according to their comforts.


  • React via Emoji
  • Request for Identity
  • Activate & Deactivate Account
  • Change user profile password
  • Social Login

Engaging Anonymous Messaging Solution for Review
and Feedback System

Why Our Anonymous Messaging Solution?

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