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Car Wash & Grooming Solution Car Wash & Grooming Solution

Car Wash & Grooming Solution

Our car grooming solution facilitates your users avail benefits of professional car washing and grooming services at their preferred locations and refine the overall appearance of their cars.

Car wash and grooming solution lets users opt for car washing services based on their needs and time. The car grooming product is loaded with robust features, is apt to cater the demands of car enthusiasts.

Car Grooming Solution Features

User Sign-up/Log-in

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The product allows user to sign-up to your car services app and create their account credentials, once logged-in they can enjoy your professional and standard car cleaning services at their doorstep.

On-Demand Car Clean Up

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Users of your app can choose car cleaning services based on their needs, and enjoy availing flexibility to make choice for additional cleaning services for specific parts of the cars. The flexible packages with details, in our solution, improves the possibility of availing services.

Track Order Progress

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Once your user place an order for car washing, they can view updates regarding order progress like exact location of washers, progress of cleaning services and much more. After wash, users are entitled to be notified accordingly.

Fast Payment

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Our car wash solution empower your user with faster check out feature, ensuring hassle-free and fast payment system. Users can pay through various channels including PayPal, credit card etc., for the services they avail.


  • On demand car clean
  • Price and time based plans
  • Monthly and Weekly subscription
  • Service comparison via photographs
  • Notification and updates

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