e-Learning Solution Features

Login/ Sign up

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Your user can log-in to the eLearning app using email ID and password or social accounts to learn your courses online and can avail numerous benefits on inviting more users on your eLearning app.

Search Categories

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With eLearning mobile app, students get the option of searching categories or can browse new subjects and courses conductively to grasp knowledge. Learners can find top-rated courses aligned with a multi-level of preferred program through the e-learning application.

Personalized Profile

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The custom eLearning solution allows the user to edit their profile and save easily at the same time to showcase their profession and reputation among other students. Adding certain engaging details for defining students can set a benchmark especially when they are sharing profiles across media channels.

Payment Integration

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Integrated with the easiest and a reliable payment feature, our eLearning app lets students easily buy the preferred course using diverse payment options like PayPal, Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking; making money transferred directly to your account.

Special Features

  • Video Tutorials
  • Purchase courses & videos
  • Multiple course levels
  • Interesting quiz
  • Referral to earn courses

eLearning Solution for your Online Course & Digital Education Business

Why Our eLearning App System?

Our eLearning app system is designed to cater to the needs of students giving them the flexibility of online learning with smart features. The experience designed in the eLearning solution helps students focus on the subject or choose the important course or category whatever they wish. On the other hand, it is compatible with monetization models that will help your business generate good revenue from your users.

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