Factors Predicting The Double-fold Market Growth of Mobile Engagement Providers

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Steering customers towards your business via incredible mobile experience will definitely impact your strategical ideas for improved customer engagement. In upcoming years, mobile engagement providers will capture the complete market share of $ 32.4 billion and this calculation is predicted to rise year by year. With this fact, it seems like more and more enterprises, large or small scale businesses, organizations, and firms will shift towards leading agencies that will favor them to get established in the competitive atmosphere.

Apart from spending huge funds on retaining customers’ engagement, many leading companies have already found ways to expand their client base via engaging & creative mobile apps. Thus, there is no doubt that mobile engagement providers will definitely make robust foothold in the market and broaden their customer reach in upcoming years. Earlier, it was predicted that mobile engagement service providers will generate profit from $10.9 billion to $12.3 billion for year the 2016 and 2017 respectively while this estimation will multiply 3 times by the end if 2018.

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Among all major mobile engagement service providers, their market share is equally distributed in six major categories including digital companies, mobile solutions service providers, management consultants, telecommunication agencies, product development enterprises, and system integrator. For surpassing the rate of mobile customer engagement, the agencies look forward to working strategically while focusing on the below factors:

Loyalty & Trust

Promoting your services or product via a useful & high-performing app is the best way to gain customers’ trust and build a loyal relationship with them. This is the best way to rev up the process of customer engagement and favor extensive mobile marketing.

Facilitating Customers with Customized Options

Many customers choose product or service and forget to take next steps to purchase or avail them. By adding notification options, the customer may get a pop-up message regarding the added product available in cart.

Dissimulating Relevant and Effective Information

For increased customer engagement, it is necessary to stay connected and inform them about the latest and exciting deals via informative messages as relevant to the target customers. The major focus must be laid on to influence people and take the incredible benefits of your product or services before the deal goes off.

Being Trustworthy & Reliable

Many customers categorize push notifications as spam especially if they are inappropriately flooding into the message box. Using this strategy smartly will definitely offer better customer engagement.


Apart from mobile engagement, their market share turns out to be device & app development specific service providers. Let us know how they boost customer engagement rate:

1) The profit generated through mobile device management and application accessed on them is calculated precisely. Furthermore, launching and managing applications on their respective app store also generate benefits to firms and this is the major target of these service providers.

2) Mobile app development service providers are also assisting several organizations to expand their businesses via cross-platform mobile apps. With engaging features, these customized mobile apps engage its prominent customers and consecutively generate revenues for many businesses.

It is understood that the latest version of any mobile app will definitely popularize more as compared to the previous one. So, it can be said that the overall profit made by the app development service providers will vary with per app cost of $250,00 and $2 million for older & new versions respectively. Considering this fact, there is no doubt that mobile engagement providers will definitely expand their market share expeditiously in upcoming years.

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