How Mobiles Apps Solutions help the Healthcare Industry

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Enterprise mobility is redefining the way, businesses offer their services to the clients and interact with them. Mobile apps, the most important aspect of mobility have been enhancing the efficiency, throughput and performance of the businesses irrespective of their natures. Healthcare is one of the sectors that is getting benefited from the value that the mobile apps add to a company providing care to the patients.

According to the research conducted by HIMSS, more than 72% healthcare professionals are keen on switching to monitoring devices and almost 82% of them are interested to access the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) of a patient on a mobile app. Another study by Telenor Group and Boston Consulting Group conducted a few years back revealed that more than 30% of the smartphone users planned to use health and fitness apps.

The healthcare industry all over the world, is striving to improve the quality of care that they are offering to the patients. The role of mobile technology can definitely be game changing for it. The benefits that can be reaped instantly with the use of mobile app solutions in healthcare include improved response time, reduced cost of treatment and care, better workflow efficiency and increased throughput of the patients.

The scope of a healthcare app has transcended the boundaries. Previously they had a limited utility where they were used for offering basic services like booking doctor’s appointment and getting reports online. Now, with the help of powerful technologies and advanced app development agencies, the healthcare apps can contribute immensely to the enhancement of each and every part of healthcare system.

The medical reports of the patients that used to be on paper have now been digitized. Utilizing such digital information is of utmost importance and a mobile app solution can be designed for such purpose. It is the most handy way to access those information, process them and use them for better and more accurate and informed diagnosis. As the mobile apps can access internet, the medical report of the patient can be accessed in real time and on the go.

Mobile App Solutions Address the Major Concerns of Healthcare Industry

Before we talk about how mobile apps benefit the healthcare industry, it is important that we discuss the concerns and issues faced by healthcare sector in recent times.

  1. Overall expense of the medical treatment and checkups.
  2. Better coordination between different professionals in healthcare sector.
  3. Issues in decision support process
  4. Making relevant information available to the end users

Here’s how mobile app solutions can be helpful in solving these issues.

Real-time Management of Information

A professional mobile app development firm deliver apps that makes it easy for the health care providers to access patients’ information as they come to the health center for treatment. They can store the information in their databases and update it at a regular basis. They can reuse the information when needed. This will reduce the time, effort and money thus, reducing the medical treatment cost.

Apps that Streamline different activities in a Healthcare center

Role based data analytics can let the decision makers access the right information and share it with other concerned people. This will enable better coordination among the staff members who contribute to the treatment of the patient.

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Remote Access of Patient’s Information

The ability to remotely access the patient’s information is very signification in cases where doctor is not physically present with the patient in case of an emergency. If the doctor is able to retrieve the correct information about the patient medical history, he or she will be able to do better diagnosis and treatment.

Creating App Interfaces for Patients as well

The healthcare app can also keep the patients informed about their recent reports and conditions so that they are aware of their health. Also, the patients can access detailed information about the symptoms of the diseases and assess themselves and contact the doctors if they feel the need to do so.

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