Latest UI Design Trends Every App Design Company Needs to be Aware of

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An eye-catchy app interface easily tantalizes the sense of users and plays an indispensable role in making a good impression on them even at the first sight. This clearly suggests that an app design company needs to be highly focused on user interface when creating an app to ensure its huge acceptance among users and thus helps businesses in meeting their specific goals.  

The mobile app UI trend keeps changing with the time based on users’ preferences. So, it is imperative for an app design company to keep a constant watch on the latest UI design trends and ensure their proper implementations to entice the users to make the app successful. Here, we will talk about the recent UI design trends that these companies need to take into account to deliver the app with an awesome UI design.

Keep Color Scheme Simple   

Unresponsiveness or slow speed of an app not only caused by technical glitches, integration of lots of design elements can also be a prime reason of it. So, keeping your app simple with an impressive color scheme will make it perfect with a great user experience.   

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Overlapping Effects

Overlapping effect is the second most important trend that an app design company follows currently. The trend suggests overlapping of elements such as fonts, graphics, color and more can add a ‘WOW’ factor to your mobile app UI design. A dash of shadow, apart from overlapping effect, plays a crucial role to make your app interface flamboyant.

Enhanced Swiping Patterns

Swiping pattern easily seeks attention of users and they love to use it. You will be able to observe a lot of improvements in this arena in 2018. Earlier, mobile apps were designed with small buttons that were not easy for users to access especially in small screen devices. Today, the earlier concept was replaced with bigger buttons that took the center stage. It not only makes an app easily accessible, but also contributes a lot in improving visual of applications.

Inclusion of Video Content Format

Watching video online is in vogue nowadays. People prefer to watch video on their smartphones rather than laptop or other devices. This has fostered the use of video content online and today video format is leading the current app design trends in 2018. Video based user interface is expected to dominate the mobile app UI design to a wider extent and adopting this trend will help you make your app highly downloaded.     

Animation Effect will Lead the Trend

Animation effect in app user interface design was included in the last year (2017), it still enjoys a great dominance even in 2018. Getting images, icons, fonts, buttons, etc., of your mobile application with an animated effect will help you in making your application eye-catchy and gives users a refining experience.

There are different types of animations including fun animations, orientation and more are largely practiced by designers when designing an app. An app design company, needs to understand the rules of using animation in UI design to reap its complete benefits.      

Using Emoji will Rule

As Apple’s recent WWDC 2018 was focused on using Animoji with face recognition, it is expected that that trend will go further in this year as well as in future. Using emotional intelligence enables users to connect directly with themselves and this is the reason why they become anxious to use it. This year, the emoticons list is expected to be updated with more options.

Voice-Recognition Interface will Rock

With the rising fame of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and others, it is expected that the voice recognition UI interface will redefine the mobile application by increasing acceptance worldwide. With voice recognition interface, the app will be more user-friendly. Users will have to now use their voice for putting commands rather than clicking buttons or typing the texts.           

Opacity will Make Design Refreshing

Using opacity with the graphic components and color will definitely make overall design of your mobile application refreshing. All you need to do is to adjust the transparency level of the components to see the complete effect. This of course makes your app design pretty.

Conclusion: –

An eye-pleasing app UI interface excites users and determines success of your app. So, it is never meant to be compromised when creating an app. To make app unique, an app design company should be aware of the latest UI trends revolving around and make their best uses to design a user-centric app.

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