Augmented Reality

Future of Augmented Reality

What is the Future of Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Augmented Reality is one of the most popular emerging technologies that made its foothold strong in multiple industries. Now, it is being used frequently in mobile app development. Let’s explore the future of Augmented Reality in mobile app development. Augmented Reality (AR) has been one of the most popular app development trends for a couple

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best ar and vr apps

7 Best AR and VR Apps Available for iPhone & Android

Reading Time: 5 minutes AR and VR technology have gained immense popularity in the mobile app industry by creating a rich, immersive, and interactive user experience. This blog will walk you through the best AR and VR apps for iOS and Android that can infuse virtual joy in your life. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are one-of-a-kinds,

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