Features of Fintech Mobile App

Must-Have Features of Fintech Mobile Apps That Boost Sales

Reading Time: 3 minutes Financial technology (fintech) is on the rapid rise and taking a leap into banking, insurance, mobile apps, and other areas. This blog gives insight into the features of fintech mobile apps that boost sales and maximize ROI. Competition in the financial industry has risen. Thanks to the various types of fintech apps available – p2p

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Finance Management Apps

7 Best Finance Management Apps for Businesses

Reading Time: 5 minutes No matter how prosperous business is, managing the finances of a company is a struggle for every business. This blog has curated a list of the best finance management apps for businesses to turn your struggles into success. As per Statista, 17% of Americans used at least one stand-alone budgeting app for their personal use

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App of the Week - Splitwise

App of the Week: Splitwise – Best Roommates App

Reading Time: 2 minutes Looking to minimize the complexity involved in paying bills and IOUs? Sharing bills among your friends and others are hectic; there is an app for the rescue, Splitwise. The app lets you split and share expenses, and ensure everyone gets back the due amount, precisely. Whether looking for figuring out your total expense of group

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