Mobile App Development

Difference Between User and Usability Testing to Get the Best Mobile App

The demand for high-tech mobile apps is increasing day-by-day in the competitive business market. The ultimate goal is to provide the best possible experience to every potential user. This is the reason, you spend countless time to ensure the functionality of your app. Mobile app development testing gives you a way to improve the overall

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Importance of Android App Testing and how it must be Approached

Android apps have been instrumental in bringing about the revolution in mobile phone industry. Smartphones can be used to their full potential only when there are apps that extend the functionality of these devices. A good app is one that offers a great user experience and is devoid of any errors and bugs. People now

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Mobile Application Crash: Everything that you Need to Know is Here

Mobile app crash is one of the most common issues that leads the failure of an application among the users. The application crash may result into sudden application shutdown or restart and in worst cases it could be the operating system crash or even the system failure. The reason behind a mobile application failure could

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All About Mobile App Testing Techniques

Mobile Application Testing techniques ensure that the application is bug free at both user interfaces as well as back end process. The neck to neck competition among the mobile applications has colored this process of app testing with brighter shades. If you are a business looking for best app design and development company to build

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