Tips to Evaluate & Minimize Mobile App Development Cost for Startups

Mobile App Development Cost for Startup
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In this post, we will share insights on app costing factors and later how to minimize mobile app development cost for startup business in making.

The continuous progress in technologies has increased the potentials of a mobile app. It is now able to cater variety of businesses with diverse needs. Whether you own a startup or a well-established brand, you simply cannot afford to deprive of availing numerous advantages of a mobile app for your business.

Today, rising cost of mobile app development has become a big issue for businesses; some of them especially startups find it hard to afford the overall cost of the mobile app. Therefore, it is important to evaluate an overall amount to be charged by app developer companies first and then explore tips to minimize the expenses.

Evaluating Mobile App Development Cost for Startup

  • Here are some of the crucial factors that are useful to consider determining the mobile app development cost for your startups.The type of app that you wish to develop depends on your business concept, target audience, market, etc. Native apps are on expensive side whereas hybrid app development costs bit lower. Therefore, your selection of a right development approach between these two can influence the overall app development cost.
  • iOS and Android are the two most popular app development platforms. Majority of startups choose either one initially or both for app development. Also, iOS apps are slightly expensive compared to Android apps, you have choose your audience as per budget.
  • The more features you add, the more expensive your app will be. While determining the cost, you can set your eyes on the numbers of features your app needs.
  • While evaluating startup cost for app development, you need to also consider the engagement model, which is either fixed or on hourly basis. In the US, average minimum hourly charge for mobile app development is $45 and the total cost calculation depends on the entire time spent on the development. If the app development takes 500 hrs, then the complete cost will be 500 hrs x $45 = $22500.

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Minimizing Mobile App Cost for Startups

Though mobile app development looks expensive, there are many ways to minimize the overall cost. This gives your startups a genuine reason to celebrate. As you would love to explore of some effective ways to control the app cost and plan a proper budget. Let us discuss certain tips to reduce your mobile app startup costs.

Create Design First

An experienced mobile app strategist always prefers to go with an idea of creating a mobile app design first. They never satisfy with only one sketch of the application and create multiple wire frames as necessary to choose the right one. The main reason of sketching out the design of an app requires minimum expenses and also lesser efforts.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Creating an MVP app is the best way to reduce the overhead expenses of app development. It is basically a prototype of the desired app, created with limited features, designs and functionalities. It helps startups understand the necessary changes and acceptance based on users’ feedback. Creating an MVP requires less time and cost.

Use Agile Methodology

In an agile method, app strategists divide the entire project into different modules and develop each module with necessary features. This gives them a kind of flexibility to make essential changes or add the requested features as when required even without restructuring the entire project.

Use Freely Available Frameworks

It is another important way to cut mobile app development cost for your startup. It’s always preferable to go with open source frameworks including standardized APIs. Many good communities support some of these freely available frameworks. This in fact gives a better advantage to business in terms of technological edge. They can even directly participate, collaborate and improve the frameworks without paying anything.

Choosing a Right Pricing Model

Startups often get confused when it comes to hiring developers on a fixed price or an hourly basis. Well, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, hiring app developers on an hourly basis is a wise decision. This gives business some sort of flexibility to strategize the products and manage the developers accordingly. They can directly interact with developers to discuss issues, necessary changes and important improvements about the project.

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