All About Labor Day: Importance and Interesting Facts

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Every year, first Monday of September is celebrated as ‘Labor Day’. Though most of us celebrate Labor Day, only a few of us know its historical glory. For majority of people, it is just like another holiday that lets them get rid of stress from a long working days and discover lots of fun and joy. They perceive Labor Day as an end of summer.

We celebrate Labor Day to pay a tribute to those of working men and women. In countries like United States and Canada, Labor Day has been celebrating since 1894, and the tradition still goes on.

Origin of Labor Day

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The history of Labor Day can be traced from the US labor movement during the end of 19th century. It was the biggest movement demanded better living styles, standard wages, union representation, etc., for labors. Before the movement, average American workers generally spend 12 hours for work in a day and six days in a week – wages were unsatisfactory. This forced 10,000 workers to come out on the Manhattan streets to get their right.

Known as a founder of Labor Day, Peter J. McGuire spearheaded the movement that became successful eventually. It was on Sep 5, 1882, when first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City. A large number of workers gathered in the city to celebrate their success. After the movement, the standard working hours were set 8-hour in a day.     

Labor Day in America!

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As Labor Day was mainly originated from the US, it is celebrated as a national holiday in our country. It is a special day for us as the day memorizes the struggles to make laws, prosperity, etc., for well being of the workers and country.

Labor Day brings lots of Jocundity and exhilaration for Americans. There are special preparations made by the US labor department for organizing parades, picnics, party and lots more. The day seems to be more special when people gather at airport, streets, etc. For some of us, it is a perfect day to enjoy BBQ with friends whereas others enjoy the day in their own ways.

Interesting Facts About Labor Day

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Popular for Shoppers

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Since Labor Day is a holiday, majority of people prefer to spend their time on shopping, which is the most beloved activity for Americans. The day brings a lot of opportunities for retailers to propel their sale and earn hefty profits. It is famous as the most popular day for sale of products in the country .   

End of Hot Dog Seasons

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Average Americans love eating hot dog between Memorial Day and Labor Day. According to Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans consume approximately 7 billion hot dogs during these days.

Founder is Still to be Known


The actual founder of this biggest day is not known. It is believed Peter McGuire, member of Brotherhood of Carpenters, contributed a lot to make the movement successful.    

Wearing White Cloth

Labor day indicates as the end of summer so people avoided wearing white color clothes. This is the old tradition that is not followed anymore.  

Indicates Start of Football Season

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Coming of the Labor Day indicates that football season is around the corner, which is enough to bliss football lovers. 

First Official Holiday


Located in the United States, Oregon is the first state that declared labor day as an official holiday in 1887.   

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