Best Free Sports Streaming Apps for iOS and Android Platforms

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Are you a sports buff? Do you prefer watching sports on-the-go right on your smartphone? This blog is for you! We have handpicked 7 best free sports streaming apps for iOS and Android to enhance your sports watching experience.

Sports are always fun to watch, and the best sports streaming apps can make it much more enjoyable. According to Think with Google, 30% of sports fans stream live sports on their smartphone or tablet. Though Livestream says, 63% of all sports fans are willing to pay for an all-sports over-the-top channel.

Thanks to app development companies who possess various options for sports streaming applications, yet finding the best ones is difficult. Many sports fans took to the internet and asked questions like, what are the best streaming apps for sports? How can I watch live sports streaming? What is the best free sports app to enjoy live sports streaming? And so on.

We did our research and selected some best free sports streaming applications to enhance your streaming experience.

Top 7 Best Live Sports Streaming Apps for Android & iPhone

1. LiveScore (Android/iOS)

LiveScore covers all sorts of global sports events. With 50 million unique users monthly, it is commonly regarded as one of the best sports streaming apps. It gives you real-time updates on the scores and stats in different games. Also, the app consumes less data, which allows you to continue streaming and enjoy your favorite sports, even with a slow internet connection.

Key Features of LiveScore App:

  • Ball tracker feature to check the pitch view to follow the ball, scores, and action.
  • Search for your favorite competitions across the biggest matches.
  • Read breaking sports news, such as the Premier League, Champions League, and La Liga.
  • Get the detailed live match commentary, including live scores.

2. ESPN (Android/iOS)

ESPN has been called the “sports center” because of its wide array of sports and the vast number of followers it offers. With an average of over 18 million unique users per month, ESPN is known as one of the best streaming services for live sports to give all the latest updates about every game.

This app gives you an on-the-go experience of sports streaming. It also allows you to customize a list of your favorite teams and get a notification of the latest updates of all of your favorite sports events.

Key Features of ESPN App:

  • Access to the scores of games from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and more.
  • Get stories and videos of teams and leagues in your feed.
  • Get real-time notifications on score updates and breaking news of your favorite teams.

3. SuperSport (Android/iOS)

SuperSport’s user-friendly interface has contributed to it’s growing popularity. SuperSport is a live sports streaming application that allows you to experience new levels of live streaming for football, tennis, and others.

This sports app also lets you enjoy live commentary with the group chat of all fans. The app allows you to follow your favorite team and receive updates during games. Besides, it also gives you a real-time notification for all the matches.

Key Features of SuperSport App:

  • Stream live events, watch match highlights, follow live scores, match schedules, latest news, and more.
  • DStv’s central online assistance feature to receive the best viewing stability and service support.
  • Support additional languages.
  • In-app purchase to avail the live streaming feature by becoming the Compact Plus subscribers.

4. FlashScore (Android/iOS)

FlashScore lets you stay up to date with the latest news and scores of your favorite teams, even if you are unable to watch their games. This sports streaming application allows you to follow the live text commentaries that are updated every second. Listed under one of the best free sports streaming apps, it updates you before games start with your team’s lineup and notify you about your favorite teams’ games in case you forget the schedule.

Key Features of FlashScore App:

  • Coverage of 38 different sports and 6000+ competitors from around the world.
  • Updates on sports events every few seconds.
  • Notification alerts for your favorite match to not miss any of it.
  • Syncing feature to switch between your computer, mobile, or tablet any time.

5. CBS Sports (Android/iOS)

CBS Sports offers you one of the best live sports streaming services and lets you enjoy all types of live sports events anytime. You will get the notifications of your favorite clubs and the latest news, scores, stats, and more.

This live sports streaming app allows you to follow up to 8 games at once on one screen and has the customization settings as well to modify the layout based on your preferences.

Key Features of CBS Sports App:

  • Free 24-hour sports news network to get more highlights, stats, and more.
  • Real-time game trackers, match highlights, and live analysis.
  • Access from various devices, such as desktop, mobile, tablet, and others.
  • Fast notifications with updates on scores, stats, and news.

6. 365Scores (Android/iOS)

With the coverage of 10 different sports, including fastest score updates, live stats, breaking news, highlights, live tables, and much more, 365Scores sports app serves you 24/7 proactively.

You can personalize the content you see on the app and the notifications, which makes this app unique. The app also allows you to choose and select your favorite teams and leagues to get an instant notification on your phone.

Key Features of 365Scores App:

  • Live coverage of 10 different sports 24/7 with more than 2000 competitors.
  • Personalized content and notification services on your phone.
  • Live match tracker, where you can enjoy the match even if you are not watching it.

7. Fancred (Android/iOS)

Fancred is a popular, free sports streaming app that offers live streaming for every sport. The app keeps you updated with the latest score of every match. It also uploads highlights once the game ends.

This sports streaming app provides you a feature of fan profile customization through which you can chat with other fan mates of your choice. This app is apt for any sports lover as it organizes all the sports-related information, such as photos, events, and more.

Key Features of Fancred App:

  • Create a customized profile, choose teams to follow, and build a crew of sports fans.
  • Get all the latest sports news directly from AllSportsNews.
  • Live-streaming of all the sports of your choice.
  • Allows you to share videos, photos, and opinions with other fans.

Final Words

Watching live sports and matches is always fun. Keeping your interests in view, we handpicked the list of some best free sports streaming apps for iOS and Android. The apps mentioned above differ in features; however, you can choose your favorite out of all. Just give it a download and then decide all by yourself.

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