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The increasing no. Mobile application in the market has undoubtedly marked the question of mobile application security. Beside with the authorized application stores; unlimited no. Of other websites are too offering the mobile applications to the users. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of these unauthorized mobile application stores is the fact that they offer the applications either free of cost or at very down to ground price. This attracts the mobile users and they download those applications without thinking about the security concerns.

What Actually The Risk Is?


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Are you fine with giving your mobile phone to a stranger? This stranger could even have a criminal background or may be much more than that. If not then be sure that you are downloading your mobile applications from a secured source. It is quiet shocking but true that your mobile application can fetch your personal information like your location, phone numbers, call logs, messages, list of applications and even the saved passwords.

How Much Deep The Problem Is?


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The application experts had categorized the risk level in four layers:

Application Layer

This is the most commonly attacked security layer by the frauds. This layer is targeted to access the information data from a mobile device.

Hardware Layer

This layer is targeted to access the hardware attributes like memory data and gallery. This layer is normally targeted to a particular section of users.

Network Layer

To transfer the information and data of mobile devices to the unauthorized server; Network layer is pointed.

Operating System Layer

The operating system layer is not targeted to get the information but it is actually aimed at corrupting the operating platform of your mobile device.

Some Popular Issues of Application Related Risks


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The topic of mobile application security came into the limelight when researchers discovered a fake version of popular application ‘Instagram’. This fake application was distributed by a third party application store. This application was downloaded by millions of mobile users and this application was able to fetch the information of the user without his permission. The worst part of the story is the fact that there are still a lot of fraud mobile applications as well as mobile application developers who are developing the applications to fetch the data from the user.

This information and data can be used for marketing, money transaction etc.; the worst thing could be identity theft.


With the increasing risk of mobile application security issues; it is really very crucial for a mobile user to download the applications from a secured source. If you are thinking about developing a mobile application for your business then it is too very important that you hire some reputed mobile application developers because risking the security parameters of the users could be the worse you can do to your business and brand.

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