See The Developer’s View: Android vs iOS Application Development

At one hand where iOS is tagged as the most advanced mobile platform, on the other; Android is said to be the most engaging OS. If you are a newbie and planning to enter in the field of mobile application development then the first tough choice you will have to make is to choose a app platform.

The smartphone world is governed by the four major operating platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows. For a newbie Android & iOS are subjected as the safest way of startup as they both owns long digits of users as well as a resourceful development background.

Programming Language Used


Android developers work on Java language which is supposed to be the basic of the programming languages. For the universal accepted and easy to understand programming language.

For developing an iOS application; the iOS developers needs to have expertise knowledge of Objective C language. However the development process could be fast and hassle free for the experienced developers but for newbie, it can seriously be a tough puzzle to solve.

Cross-platform App Development

Cross Platform

Cross-Platform is the emerging trend of mobile application development. It is the facility of the application to run on different operating platforms without any additional 3rd party extension. When we talk about the cross platform app development ability of Android & iOS; both fails at the stage the hybrid app development platforms are capable of building .

Use of 3rd Party Tools


The user interface or the interaction aspect of a mobile app is a crucial aspect to concentrate. Although the SDK provide by the respective MOS offers the required tools to design an application but the interface of an app can be enhanced to a much higher level by the use of 3rd party tools and plugins.

Android is an open development platform which allow the developers to use the 3rd party tools and plugins to enhance the functionality and UI of the app. But Apple doesn’t allow the developers to use any 3rd part tool in the development process and hence creates a limit bar to the creativity and innovation of the app interface.

Multitasking Capabilities


Multitasking is another very important factor to look up while choosing a platform for the app development. Android offers a very easy development phase to the developers but when we talk about the multitasking apps; the things starts getting messy. Many of the inexperienced app developers find it a very tough task to built multitasking applications on Android.

Apple on the other side provides a much easy and hassle free platform to built multitasking apps for the iOS devices.


Both iOS and Android has some negative aspects of app development process which can be overcome by hiring experienced app developers. If you have a brilliant idea then you are welcomed to share that with us. We are the most recommended and experienced team of mobile app developers and covers every aspect of app development including Android app development and iOS application development.

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