Top 10 iOS App Design and Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

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Apple brings something new every time, that’s why iOS mobile app development has greater significance in the app market. In this blog, we have listed some top iOS mobile app design and development trends you should know to build a modern and innovative iOS app to stay competitive in 2021.

Apple needs no introduction. The company boasts the most impressive product catalogs, offers various popular devices and applications. Apple is ever-ready for the future technology. Be it an announcement at WWDC 2020 or the “One More Thing” event 2020, the company never fails to amaze its users with amazing launches. Together with Android, iOS continues to be a leading mobile development platform.

iOS apps generate more revenue than Android apps. In 2020, customers spent an estimated $72.3 billion on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in the Apple App Store. Considering this, seek the help of an iOS app development agency if your business wants a modern, innovative, highly-secure, and ROI-driven iOS app.

How iOS App Development Help You Grow Your Business?

As mentioned earlier, iOS apps generate better revenue than other OS. However, along with unique offerings and better ROI, iOS is also deemed safer than any other operating system. This is what every business owner craves for a revenue-generated and well-secure app.

iOS apps are scalable, suit all business needs, secure enterprise data, build a brand reputation, offer unmatched user experience, lower fragmentation, speed up the market time, and most importantly, lessen the development cost. That said, businesses focus on building iPhone apps to provide better value to their customers.

10 iOS App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2021

Trends keep changing with the advancement of technology, and apps companies leverage these advancements to build highly-functional apps and offer world-changing experiences to users. Here, we bring some of the most influential and exceptional iOS app design trends coming around in 2021.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We all need to admit that our daily life is dependent on IoT. Being a network of web-connected devices, it offers automated control. This technology is becoming more and more prominent for app developers worldwide. IoT app development has a lot of scopes and is expected to grow exponentially. It becomes the driving factor in the advancement of IoT and iOS mobile app development.

Cloud Integration

Cloud technology is another iOS app development trend for 2021 and becoming more popular than ever. These apps assist with organizing and storing a large amount of information online. Cloud-based iOS apps increase the effectiveness and productivity of apps. This tool easily handles the large storage and manages complex tasks. This solution is beneficial for both developers and users.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the main reason behind business process automation and decision-making algorithms. AI and ML analyze customers’ behavior and interactions and offer similar content. Per International Data Corporation, the AI technology will generate nearly $98 billion in 2023. AI development and ML app development will surely dominate the iOS app design and development trends in 2021.

Big Data

We can’t deny that big data has a significant role in improving the accuracy of iOS app development. Organizations leverage big data analytics to provide collaborative information after analyzing customers’ preferences. Big data increases sales conversion, sets a new marketing trend, fetches data insights, and a lot more. This technology helps businesses with innovative ideas to develop customer-centric iOS mobile apps.

Enhanced Security Protocols

We all know that Apple is safer than other OS and comes with unmatched security algorithms. iOS app development is well-known for its hardcore security layers and uncompromising policies that don’t let anyone breach the Apple devices. However, considering the jump in hacking attacks, Apple is also emphasizing improving the overall security to prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches.

AR and the ARKit

These days, AR and VR development has become crucial for all developers. However, for iOS developers, the focus has slightly shifted to ARKit with the release of iOS 11 in 2017. The ARKit allows developers to create 3D and virtual-based mobile apps for the users. Amazon has collaborated with Apple to take ARKit innovation to the next level. With help from Amazon, the Apple ARKit is going to be more prominent for the users now.


Today’s customers want to have more DIY services, and chatbots fulfill the demand perfectly. Big enterprises like Amazon, Facebook, and Starbucks reap the maximum benefits of chatbots to give their customers fast and precise answers. Unlike humans, chatbots can work 24/7 with better accuracy; thus, many industries are instilling this technology in mobile apps.


As per Gartner, global end-user spending on wearable devices was $52 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $62 billion in 2021. In today’s era, wearable apps have benefitted the fitness and healthcare industries a lot. Wearable devices are gaining huge popularity due to their optimal convenience. Considering the stat, wearable development is sure shot one of the profitable iOS app development trends to look for in 2021 and even beyond.

Swift 5

Over three hundred thousand apps are written in Swift because Swift language is scalable, flexible, secure, and more efficient than other languages. Apple has released Swift 5.0.1 that comes with a lot of improvements and various features. The new Swift has an added punch for developers that will aid the iOS app development to a greater extent. With an exciting add-on in Swift 5, businesses can expect more powerful iOS apps with seamless performance.


iBeacon is another powerful technology from Apple that is getting more and more popular in marketing. So it’s another iOS app design trend for 2021. But, what exactly is iBeacon? Beacon stands for wireless transmitters that send signals using Bluetooth technology. A push notification with a set message appearing on the users’ iPhone is a great example of this technology.

iOS Is the Future of Mobile Apps: The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many iOS app design and development trends that can bring significant changes to the mobile app industry. These iOS development trends will help developers create a more secure app and enhance the user experience. If you are looking to have a profitable iOS app in 2021, you must definitely consider these latest iOS app development trends and win a competitive edge over others.

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