Ubuntu Released the Awaited Operating System for Tablet Devices

According to the online survey conducted; Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution on the Desktop Computers. It is an open source operating system which is currently available for Desktops, Smartphone and TVs. By adding the tablet devices on charts; Ubuntu has surely pointed a tough competition in the race of leading mobile operating platforms especially Android and Windows.

In the promotional video of Ubuntu OS for tablets; Mark had spotlighted some of the amazing features of the technology which will surely attracts the users as well as the developers. The first device running this operating system (Nexus 7 and Nexus 10) is going to hit the charts today.

In this video it is clearly seen that the Ubuntu has again concentrated on the User Interface of the operating system. Whether it is the amazing home screen that allows multi user panel or the voice controlled HUD (Heads up Display); this new operating system can be expected to be the future eye candy. The best part of this tablet platform is the advanced multitasking feature that allows the user to use the device as a Smartphone and tablet simultaneously.


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