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The Client

Possessing efficiency in digital technology services, DataBotix, based in the UK, assists businesses with a range of services such as website development, app development, analytics, reporting and business digitalization. The company needed an app that could play an intermediary role between parents and childcare centers to keep parents updated of every activity of their child and give nurseries a platform to manage records.

Challenges in Notebook

The Challenge

Based on client’s requirement, our experts spent time to understand and analyze the project in terms of feasibility, market scenario, audience, etc., and made a report compatible with their expectations. We got client’s approval to develop the app with following challenges.

  • Raw idea with no documentation of processes and features for both user type.
  • Highly-usable UI/UX design for parents with no initial clarity of app features.
  • Integrating monetization model to generate revenue from most users.
Custom Reports
Automated Notification
Chat Messaging
Location Service
User Accounts
Media Sharing
Social Engagement
Pick/ Drop Solution
Solutions given to Notebook

Solutions from AppsChopper

Our app developers reviewed the challenges and defined a complete roadmap to develop a fully functional car grooming app. We helped client in drafting the mobile app with following solutions, and worked on them post client approval:

  • The app shall have two logins, separate for parents and nursery.
  • The client was interested more towards hybrid approach buy we suggested to go native due to some technical capabilities.
  • Building SAAS based solution with model to monetize from every childcare center.
  • Neat and clean UI with minimal clickable options for ensuring ease of use.
Notebook App Outcome

Final Outcome

Team AppsChopper followed a proven strategy to overview project from scratch while keeping focused on core objectives of client. We managed systematic workflow following the documented plan and delivered exactly desired end product with below outcomes:

  • The app was easy to adopt by parents and the nursery staff with separate options right from sign-up.
  • Notebook app conveyed real-time up-to-date information of children to parents, making operations hassle-free for nurseries.
  • The UI/UX of the app designed was user-centric, which made the product highly usable and loved by both user type.
  • The app was endowed with features like quick messaging, digital attendance tracker, daily diaries and report, etc.

Notebook App Resolved the Hassles of Nurseries for Managing & Updating Parents, and Drove Recurring Revenue on SaaS Model

3 Months of Strategic Planning and Development

Defining Cairn-Go Strategies
1 4
15th Dec 2017

Design Preparation for Android

We set up a team of experienced UI and UX designers to work on the project with primary focus to make the app compatible while ensuring its best usability on Android platform for the target audience.

Developing Cairn-Go App
1 4
22ndJan 2018


Our engineers created a robust architecture of the application and planned to integrate the required features, focusing on improving scalability of the mobile app solution. Our team managed the development phase swiftly, through functionalities were little-bit tricky on the technical end.

QA & Testing Cairn-Go
1 4
10th Mar 2018


Once we developed the final app, we carried out testing functionality, integration, usability, features, etc., to ensure its compatibility on android devices and networks. With some final touch-ups the app was ready.

Client’s Feedback & Approval
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15th Mar 2018

Client Approval

Once satisfied with the testing results, we sent the final products to the clients for their review. With client satisfied with the work, app was ready and got approved in one go over store.

Value Added for Client

Notebook app was developed to bring a flawless process for fulfilling the communication needs of nurseries and clients. It added value to the client in following ways:

Brand Appreciation: The SaaS based model was accepted and appreciated a lot by nurseries in UK.

Recurring Revenue: Notebook generated a continuously growing recurring revenue to the client.

Recognized by Forums: The client got more recognition in the market with Notebook app in their products portfolio for childcare offerings.

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