March 2020

Machine Learning in Apps

Effective Machine Learning Ideas to Improve User Experience on Apps

Reading Time: 3 minutes Machine learning is a buzzword used to describe much of today’s technological innovations. Many top-ranked companies are adopting machine learning. This blog talks about useful machine learning ideas to improve user experience on apps. Today, rapid technological advancements have reshaped our world in ways that were once thought to be impossible. Machine learning is an

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Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

What Are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps Over Native Apps?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Progressive web apps (PWAs) or native apps? Many businesses are unsure of which one to choose. However, this blog outlines the benefits of PWAs to help you make the right choice for your business. For a long time, native apps have been the preferred choice among businesses due to the satisfying user experience they offer,

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Best Free Sports Streaming Apps

Best Free Sports Streaming Apps for iOS and Android Platforms

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you a sports buff? Do you prefer watching sports on-the-go right on your smartphone? This blog is for you! We have handpicked 7 best free sports streaming apps for iOS and Android to enhance your sports watching experience. Sports are always fun to watch, and the best sports streaming apps can make it much

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