How HTML5 Game Earns Wide Popularity!

The Hypertext Markup language used to be a great tool in the field of web development, but HTML5 game development has also emerged in the recent years.

In the recent years, a great shift has been noticed on the HTML5 platform, as HTML5 game development came into the light and also appreciated among a number of users. The prime reason behind its popularity is that it renders mind-blowing experience to the users. Some of the appreciated games on this platform include Bejewled and Angry Birds.

♦ The HTML5 gaming started in the year 2010 and only simple games were created in the beginning.
♦ Presently, more complicated games 3D (desktop) and 2D (mobile) are being developed with HD graphics, animations and sounds.
♦ According to Boostermedia, around 1000 HTML games are available for the mobile platform and this number is likely to go high, as developers are creating new games.

A number of game developers choose HTML5 because it provides multiple benefits over flash technology, as it does not need any sort of plug-in. Adding up, this platform has a good track record defeating a wide range of proprietary options in the advanced web environment. This has become a preferred choice among the game developers due to having such options that are useful in terms of creating new games.

Many people ask this question that what makes HTML5 so appealing for the game development. The answer is Canvas Element, which is used for the purpose of drawing images, shapes, etc. Though it is a useful element, but HTML5 game development is not all about drawing images or shapes, it includes many other things e.g. sprites, animations, physics and a lot more. In order to use the already created frameworks, the programmers are just supposed to write their implementations on the top of the canvas API that already exists. Such frameworks can tackle most of the requirements of a game developer.

The developers can rely on the following popular game engines for the sake of executing HTML5 game development:

• EaselJS   • Turbulence   • ImpactJS  • Three.js  • Crafty

Multiplayer gaming on the HTML5 platform:
This will really a surprise for many people that it is possible to develop multiplayer games by using HTML5 technology. This markup language supports websockets that can be used for creating multiplayer games. It is possible to create both single player and multiplayer games on this platform. With this ability, the future of HTML5 in the realm of game development appears to be bright. Most of the major browsers already support this platform and it possesses enough features to create a bundle of games. Hence, HTML5 game development is expected to gain more popularity in the coming years.

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