How an Ideal Mobile App Discovery Phase Can Make Your App Successful

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Do you want your app idea to turn into a successful product? You need to emphasize mobile app discovery. This blog lays stress on how an ideal app discovery phase can lead you to the success of your mobile application and help your business thrive tremendously.

With more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s no wonder that the mobile app industry is also thriving like never before. Per recent stats, Americans spend more than four hours with mobile internet, with 88% of that time within apps only. Plus, it is estimated that mobile apps will generate more than $935 billion in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising.

As the number of mobile applications and their users is rapidly increasing, the challenge for businesses to build a standout mobile app and stay ahead in the game is also rising. Today, it’s really tough to leave a long-lasting imprint on people through apps. So what should you do to make your app successful like any other popular apps out there?

Focus on one key ingredient and leverage it the right way — the mobile app discovery phase.

Consequently, businesses hunt for a leading mobile apps development agency that can accentuate the mobile app discovery phase, understands their app vision and objectives through detailed research, discussion, and analysis of their idea. Therefore, developing a tailored app to meet users’ needs the way businesses have dreamed of.

So without any further delay, let’s learn how an ideal mobile app discovery phase can make your app successful. But before that, let’s know what the app discovery phase is and what importance it holds in the app development process.

What Is the Mobile App Discovery Phase?

As the name implies, the app discovery phase is the phase where you discover everything about your app. You focus on your business objectives and user expectations and plan accordingly how your app will look and feel.

From ideas to implementations, you put all the ideas on paper. In short, you create a well-thought-out blueprint for your mobile app to make the project successful.

The usual steps of the app discovery phase include — concept analysis, market analysis, requirement gathering, wireframing, UI prototyping, and determining development tools and technologies.

The Importance of the App Discovery Phase in the Mobile App Development Process

Why should you emphasize the discovery phase in the app development process? What can it bring in? Does it help you to make your app successful? All these questions must be racing through your mind, no? Don’t fret! Let’s settle these questions once and for all.

Straightforwardly speaking, the mobile app discovery phase is the key to the success of your mobile app. If done rightly, it can help you:

  • understand the market and targeted users,
  • study competitors and devise strategies to beat them,
  • define and prioritize features in advance,
  • create development time and budget,
  • create early designs for all screens and features, and so on.

The mobile app discovery phase helps in understanding and defining business technical requirements and offers a risk-free approach towards mobile app development.

8 Ideals Steps of App Discovery Phase to Help You Turn Ideas into a Successful App

Understanding the Objective

It begins with understanding the app objective. Questions like what is the main purpose of developing this app, desired impact after the app launch, what kind of competition the app will face, what will be the technical limitations, and more will give you a clarity of the app idea being on the right track. If you’re beginning anything without an objective in mind, let alone a mobile app, your product will fall flat, no matter what.


Most people are unaware of the power of brainstorming; thus, they overlook this step. Brainstorming (if done diligently) can help you find out how you can make your app stand out amid today’s clutter and noise. You can hire an experienced app strategist and consultant who will understand your app requirement and brainstorm the entire ideations of the app to make it as unique as possible.

Competitors Analysis

Conducting a thorough competitor analysis is always advisable during the mobile app discovery phase to find out what to do and what not to do. Complete scrutiny of familiar app concepts helps you determine what made the app click, understand the user study, and an overall study of the clients’ potential competitors. Doing this helps you dive deeper and understand all the “whys” behind the app.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a great way to jot down all your ideas quickly. It helps you with identifying problem areas, the scope of improvement, and various other things. Mind mapping is a vital step in developing all your ideas visually and systematically. It gives you a clear indicator of the functional scope of work required to develop the app, plus highlights the features which are an absolute must-have.

Determine Technical Feasibility

Technical limitations and possibilities play a vital role in mobile app development. Therefore, you need to pay heed to such details during the mobile app discovery phase only. Also, this will help your hired app development team to be clear on what is needed and what can be ruled out while developing the app. Besides, this step reduces the risk factor with technical specifications.

Monetization Strategy

Your motive is to drive revenue out of your app. Therefore, you need to choose the right monetization strategy for your app based on your app niche and everything. Your hired mobile app consultant will help you plan out a strategy, including — “how to” of in-app purchases, generating advertising revenue, planning an effective subscription model, and building a strong userbase, and crafting a revenue model to meet your goals.


Now comes the most crucial part — wireframing. Keeping all the UX demands, needs, guidelines, and rules in mind, your hired application design company will conceptualize an interactive visualization of the app in the form of prototypes. The team will craft the usability-focused wireframes, demonstrating key scenarios and how the users will interact with apps.

Technology and Platform Selection

The technology you decide on during the app discovery phase can make or break your mobile app. Depending on your app requirements and users’ demands, you need to choose the right mobile app development technology and platform. If you want to reach out to as many people as possible, make sure you’re targeting both the iOS and Android platforms. Therefore, you can always go with a cross-platform app development approach.

Mobile App Discovery Phase: Closing Thoughts

When you accentuate the mobile app discovery phase, you can certainly reap significant benefits later. Why? Because it helps you clearly identify your app objective, userbase, and what will add real value to them.

The discovery phase helps you understand and define business and technical requirements. Plus, it also provides a risk-free approach to mobile app development.

So if you’re getting into app development, do not neglect the app discovery phase at any cost.

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