A Complete Diversification of Enterprise App Development Costs

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Do you want to build an enterprise app with innovative UI/UX, robust security, aim to increase productivity but cost concerns you? Well, not anymore. This blog talks about a complete diversification of enterprise development costs to ease your job.

Today, we all know that mobile applications have become a powerful marketing tool, allowing companies to solve numerous tasks facing the business. Using mobile apps, organizations can bring in more customers, boost brand recognition, reach globally, have a 24/7 online presence, increase conversions, and ultimately maximize their revenue.

However, developing a tailored mobile app requires time, effort, and of course, money. Apps development companies need to cover the full development cycle (from idea to market entry) for mobile app development. That being said, enterprise app development is no different.

Every business wants to manage and optimize all of its internal and external processes along with lessening operational expenses at the same time. That can be possible with enterprise app development. But the question that arises here is, how much does it cost to develop an enterprise mobile app? Let’s settle this million-dollar question once and for all.

Before we dive in and explore the cost of enterprise app development, let’s first get to know what exactly an enterprise app is, its benefits, major types, and much more.

Are you ready? Let’s get right in!

What Is Enterprise App Development?

Designing an enterprise mobile app architecture is crucial for business growth. If we dive in deeper to unearth the core definition of enterprise mobile app, it would be — a sophisticated software that’s developed to help with the particular needs of the businesses.

In other words, enterprise app development is the process of developing and deploying feature-rich and trusted mobile applications to help organizations simplify their tasks. Along with simplifying business operations, these apps also help engage more customers, partners, and investors efficiently.

What Are the Advantages of Enterprise App Development?

The most asked questions are — how can an enterprise app help businesses, what are the benefits of developing a successful enterprise app? And so on. Having said that, various renowned brands, including McDonald’s, Volkswagen, IKEA, Starbucks, and Nivea are already benefitting from enterprise apps. Well, enterprise apps come with so many advantages. Let’s have a look at them and decide.

  • Process Digitization – Enterprise apps can help you achieve global digitalization. Through this, you can provoke fundamental changes in company operations to deliver maximum value to customers. Enterprise apps boost digitization, enhancing performance and productivity.
  • Workflow Streamlining – Enterprise apps can help achieve a streamlined workflow. These apps help you define a regular process clearly, making the team efficient. Through this, businesses can reap increased cost efficiency, improved productivity, and lessen risk.
  • Efficiency Optimization – Enterprise applications enable companies to unlock the efficiency and agility of a startup. These apps know how to optimize a business’s function well, taking the company to maximum heights.
  • Improved Data Management – An enterprise mobile app helps businesses improve operations related to data processing, analysis, verification, or adjustment. In the long term, it can make a huge difference in overall success and ROI.

Major Types of Enterprise Apps (On Which the Cost Differs):

Straightforwardly speaking, there are essentially three main types of enterprise mobile apps.

  • Employee-level apps (for exclusively internal usage)
  • Department-level apps (for boosting the department’s performance)
  • Company-level apps (for making departments work together)

Top 7 Factors Affecting Enterprise App Development Cost


The biggest cost driver of enterprise apps is unclear objectives. If the goals haven’t been decided in the initial stages of app development, the app features, type, and other things will keep changing. As a result, the cost will rise. Forming a clear vision of what you want from the app can help you plan a budget that you can stick to easily. Reduce iterations with proper planning.

Development Team

The cost of hiring a freelancer or full-fledged app design firm will definitely vary. Besides, the quality of your app will also be different based on what you choose. Both can take care of your projects at all stages, from planning to post-launch. However, hiring a leading app developing company will always give you the upper hand in terms of quality, commitment, and deliverables.


Choosing between native vs hybrid app development can be one tough choice. Seeing today’s ever-growing competition in the mobile app landscape, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution and don’t want to miss out on leading app platforms — iOS and Android, consider going with cross-platform app development. However, if money is not a concern for you, develop two separate mobile apps leveraging the native approach.

Type and Functionality

The type of app you want to build and the functionalities you want to integrate decide the enterprise app cost. For instance, the cost of the employee-level app, department-level app, and company-level apps will vary drastically. Similarly, depending on the type, the functionalities will be integrated that can impact your enterprise mobile cost.


Analytics have become of utmost importance for enterprise apps. These days, most businesses take mobile app analytics integration services to integrate analytics tools in their app to understand its usage, user behavior, app performance, etc. Having said that, the data collected can be critical in measuring your app performance, but it will also increase your budget a bit. The cost of analytics integration depends on the vendor, tool, and expertise required to integrate it.


When you build a house, the quicker you need the house built, the more manpower it requires. Similarly, you need to set a realistic expectation of your timescales for your budget. If your launch date cannot be changed, try to go with MVP. Launch with basic key features and gradually release new ones over the following months, depending on the feedback and everything.

Post Launch Support

The expenses do not end with an app launch. The app needs to evolve and grow as per user needs, updates in operating systems, market trends, and discoveries in the world of technologies. Depending on the app’s complexity, functionalities, type, and various other things, the cost of maintaining an app will vary. An experienced app maintenance company can help you with the right solution at a reasonable price.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Enterprise App?

Straightforwardly speaking, depending on the complexity of the app, design, type, style, and functionality, the cost will vary. Per Clutch’s numerous articles, the average market price for the custom app is below $200,000.

However, a custom app with multiple functions for your business can cost you up to $350,000. Enterprise development costs can be as high as $500,000 for a high-end enterprise app. Don’t fret! Sometimes, you don’t need to spend this much amount of money; a simple app with some basic features can be built for $30,000 – $50,000.

That said, the price is heavily dependent on your needs, but keep in mind that the cost also affects the functionality of your app. If you thoroughly research what you actually need from an app, you can save tons of money.

If we talk about the hourly charges in the US, the average costs of developers range from $40 to $300 per hour, depending on the skills and experience. It is believed that simple enterprise app starts can start from $30,000, medium enterprise apps can cost you somewhere around 100,000, and complex enterprise apps can cost you about $250,000 or more.

Enterprise App Development Cost: Final Take

Enterprise apps can streamline your internal processes, improve employee performance and satisfaction, drive business efficiency, provide advanced insights into your employees and operations, empower greater business flexibility. However, everything has a price to pay, and enterprise app development is no different. If you’re ready to pay the cost depending on your business needs and wants, you can change your business dramatically.

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