Designing a Modern Enterprise Mobile Application Architecture

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Mobility is the new necessity of the new digital age. Businesses are adopting mobile applications to no longer as complementary. Thus, a modern enterprise mobile app architecture is important to ensure your business growth.

A well-designed app’s architecture defines its beauty and usability and contributes to a large extent in its market success. When it comes to an enterprise application architecture, analysts need to be very conscious and should have a fresh approach to create a secure and scalable architecture.

The mobile app architecture should be able to handle communication, business operations, changing market scenario, increasing clients, and more, quite conveniently. Therefore, your mobile app developer must create the architecture of your business app by keeping your organization’s long-term goals and growth in mind.

What is an Enterprise Application?

An enterprise application is a large software system platform specifically designed for a corporate environment such as business or government. Such applications ensure a proper business function by minimizing the complexity involved in the operation, increasing the efficiency of employees, and more.

Developed by leveraging enterprise architecture, these apps help organizations run successfully ensuring communication transparency, connecting team members, and more.

Explain the Architecture of an Enterprise Application

As the name suggests, an enterprise app architecture is exclusively designed for organizations to match their multiple needs. Designers must proceed to create an enterprise app’s architecture with a foolproof plan. Also, they should consider an organization’s growth requirements, goals, market trends, future growth, etc. while designing architectures of business apps.

To help you understand the architecture of an enterprise app, let’s have a look at its different layers.

  • Layer 1: Also known as the presentation layer, the first layer includes user interaction and related functionality.
  • Layer 2: It is the service layer that can either be present in the same tier or can move on a different tier. It contains message types of communication, service contracts, etc.
  • Layer 3: The 3rd one is the business layer that includes several components, which highlight service interfaces that callers use.
  • Layer 4: This one is the data access layer that’s responsible for retrieving and saving data in the database by communicating with the database.
  • Layer 5: The 5th layer includes raw data related to business.

Top Attributes of Modern Enterprise App Architecture

Technological Independence

Technological independence is essential for the architecture of an enterprise mobile application. In other words, the architecture of your enterprise app should be ready to adapt to future innovations. Designers need to keep in mind the futuristic technologies while creating an enterprise app’s architecture design.

Your business app’s architecture needs to be able to cope with changes in technologies and those of real-life cycles of technologies that designers leverage to design it.


Reusability is another considerable characteristic of an enterprise app architecture. For that, designers need to build an inventory containing building blocks and reuse this constantly.

The most fascinating thing about reusability is that it tends to minimize development and maintenance expenses. You will be able to do it easily by keeping standard and cutting-edge functionality in a code library, which you can use across a wide range of projects as well.

Flexible to Adapt

Designers must keep flexibility in their mind and craft the architecture of an enterprise app accordingly. The architecture must adapt to the changing trends of the market, product demands, growing customers, etc.

Your business app’s architecture should include several unique components that need to be changeable or reconfigurable without making any impact on small modifications.

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High-grade Security

Enterprise mobile application needs to promote higher security. So, designers should focus on implementing high-grade security features while creating the app’s architecture for your business.

The professionals involved in the task should focus on some key areas such as security policy frameworks, threat monitoring, and reporting, securing IT infrastructure, and more. In the app architecture design, the role-based ACL (Access Control Lists) should control access to any individual services. Besides, the architecture should manage user identities centrally.

Simplicity to Promote Communication

A sound communication among team members in any organization is pivotal for smooth work operation and growth. The team members interact with each other to discuss various issues for quick resolution and find the right solutions.

Thus, your enterprise application architecture should be able to facilitate team members to communicate with each other easily.


Designing a modern enterprise mobile app architecture is the first and the most crucial thing to do. However, it plays a vital role in the growth of an app’s market. Your business app’s architecture needs to be able to cope with changes in technologies to make it more customer-centric. Keeping the aforementioned attributes in mind while designing an app architecture can give your mobile app a flight to another level.

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