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In order to steer your business towards the right direction, we scrutinize app feasibility factors with our excellent mobile analytics solutions.

How Mobile Analytics Based On Big Data and Business Intelligence Favors Mobile App Development

In the ever-expanding digital marketing world, mobile analytics encompasses a significant space for progressing the business profit and consumer base. AppsChopper’s mobile app analytics solutions are specified for assisting our clients to determine the major factors which are extremely considerable for the creation a useful & profit generating app. Our business & data analysts are equipped with the latest tools which are specially categorized for data management and for keeping a track on the app’s performance. We construct a powerful data platform based on user retention, revenue generation, customer behavior, adaptability and overall app usage. With the team of intelligent data analysts, we explore the global market and specify all notable points which are crucial to be kept in mind for every phase of mobile app development.

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Briefing AppsChopper’s Perfection to App Development & Analytics

AppsChopper is positioned among the top app development service providers and we are emerging as the global leaders for assisting our clients to stand out among the competitors. Apart from app development & marketing, we strategize to analyze the current app market and their customer share with 100% accurate data and complete analysis report. Understanding that data interpretation & management are prerequisite not only for app development but also for its promotion, we implement feasible techniques which contribute to successful app development & analysis.


Through app analytics, we collaborate all basic components within a module that include user engagement metrics, active devices, and app retention in order to deliver enhanced user experience.


Obviously, app’s visibility on the respective app store is a significant factor that leads to increased traffic & revenue rate. We deliver an insight that includes data on search ads, meta data, and product page impact.

Marketing campaigns

Our app analytics services are favorable for measuring the effectivity & potential of your app marketing efforts. Knowing that marketing campaigns are meant for accelerating download rates, we monitor them timely. monitor them timely.


Empowering Mobile Apps Through In-depth Mobile Analytics

AppsChopper tracks down every potential factor responsible for the app’s optimization such as app-centric data, user interaction, app installation or downloads, and customer engagement. Our adept analysts use up-to-date technology through which we handle records, manage multiple promotional campaigns, identify the lapses or issues, and build parameters which are meant to robust the app’s performance and user retention. We are keen to assist our clients with our extraordinary solutions inspired by our exemplary methodology.


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We are globally recognized for delivering custom-made apps for the global clients. Since our inception, we have successfully catered several clients with distinctive business requirements including Cairn, HP, BPL, Vedanta, Intel, and more...


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AppsChopper’s award-winning solutions familiarize our clients with several result-driven methods and market analysis techniques which are advantageous for securing app’s success. Our app analysts are specialized in consolidating favorable strategies which are framed around app performance, usage, downloads, a rate of revenue generation through in-app purchases and ad campaigns. We deliver accurate insights based on the latest market research and data analysis which are beneficial to keep a track on user acquisition and your marketing efforts. Along with accurate app analysis, we benefit you by monitoring financial data which are considerable for the product development.


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