Mobile App Trends that are about to Dominate the Market in 2014

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Being a part of the technology dominated era, we are aware of the significance of the mobile app development. In the beginning, these devices were used to talk to our dear and near ones, but these days, we handle our professional and personal lives with this tiny gadget. The entire credit does not go to the functionality of the mobile devices as it seems next to impossible without the relevant mobile apps. Here, we are going to discuss the mobile app trends that will be popular in 2014:

Mobile app trends 2014

Integration of Social Media:

Facebook, G+, Pinterest and Snapchat are some of the popular social applications that are usually seen on the users’ mobile devices. In order to improve the viral-ability of your mobile apps, integration of social functionality is a good move. For instance, if user will be able to share the score of your gaming app with Facebook friends, then it will encourage the sharing of user base in the form of a marketing tool.

Social media integration

Focus on Different Connected Objects:

Recently, Google bought Nest, which is the maker of smart appliance. Nest introduced a smoke detector, which is completely directed by a Smartphone app. Samsung also appeared with a washing machine that is controlled by Wi-Fi. Television and video games consoles are also seen as a boom in 2014 in terms of connected objects.

Stress on Clear as well as Large Typography:

It seems unbearable to go through the hard to read content. Mobile apps development has also taken a turn in this direction to offer a better typography. Mobile apps to support clear typography are being developed that will be one of the popular trends of 2014.

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Charm of Android & iOS is about to prevail:

These two platforms are still earning the better revenues as compared to the other platforms. But, the difference between these two is that Android is appreciated for its massive reach (business) while iOS is capable of generating matchless revenues. In the coming year as well, these two again set to remain the center of attraction in the form of a powerful mobile app development trend.

Charm of iOS & Android

More use of Multi-screen:

According to the experts’ predictions, there were around 5.7 devices per home in the year 2013, but in 2014, this will be 6 or more devices in each home. Presently, we have started noticing new types of mobile devices such as smart watches, smart glasses and other wearables. This will one of the powerful trends of mobile app development industry.

Demand of HTML5:

It is true that native apps are wonderful when it comes to using them, but they may prove to be costly and also demand resources to develop something, which goes with various platforms. A number of mobile apps are developed in HTML5 that support cross-platforms, hybrid app development do not need coding for each operating system. It helps the developers in reducing both cost and time of development. HTML5 apps will be the hot trend as this platform is acclaimed for offering animated and media-rich all without getting dependent on the technologies such Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash.

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Shifting to Background Blur:

According to this new trend, the UX consultants have shifted their focus from single color or simple background to more complex images with blurred background. On one hand, the blurred images provide some definition to the design, on the other hand, it compels the visitors to focus on the foreground elements.

Through this post, we have highlighted some of the best mobile app trends of 2014. However, the list does not end here, but still we have listed the hottest trends for you.

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