10 Facts Why Users Uninstall Application or Games on Android/iPhone Mobiles

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Why users uninstall the mobile applications or games? If the answer to this question is known to the developer, then it becomes easier for developers to code the amazing applications that can help them earn the huge credit in term of money and reputations. Therefore, to help the developers, this blog presents the 10 most interesting facts that can give you the idea regarding what drive the users to uninstall the mobile application or games. Before that, have a glimpse over the data stating the user behavior.

User Behavior Statistics

According to the research by uSamp, around 76% of mobile users consider freezing, 59% slow responsiveness, 71% crashing, 55% battery draining and 53% too many advertisements as the main hassles in application. Around 63% & 74% users state that maps and banking performance respectively slowdown the performance.

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It is also studied that 18% delete an applications, when it freezes for more than 5 seconds. On the other hand, 27% do not delete, if they have paid for it. If an app freezes for more than 30 seconds, then 38% delete the app, and 32% as well as 21% complain about the app in fronts of the friends and write the feedback over Facebook & Twitter. The 96% users give the bad reviews in an review or comment bar.

Around 89% users, who face the bad experience with apps request developer to sort out the issues in the application, the 65% demand refunds.

Let’s explore the interesting facts that make the users uninstall mobile applications or games:

Makes mobile performance slow

While developing the high-end application or games, most of the developers implement multifold functionality in order to give the best user experience and many more things. But, they forget that the heavy application can lead to slowdown the performance of the phone. This further makes it difficult for users to process the other important applications. Sometimes, the application drains lot of battery energy that can give birth to the frustration for the users because they have to recharge the phone again and again. This drives the users to delete the application from the devices.

Apps or Game is not according to user expectations

During application marketing, the developers depict the features of game and application in an exaggerated manner that impress the users at the first sight. But, when the users find that the depicted features are not present in the applications, then they do not waste a single second in uninstalling the application. This results in depleting the reputation of the developers and the development agency. Hence, make sure that always present those features that are available in the application or games.

Security Issues During Asking For Permission

During the installing process, most of the applications or the games ask for the permission to access certain items, like contact information, gallery, social network, and many other that scare the users and drive them to stop the installation. Thus, every developer should be careful, while asking for the permission. If it is necessary to take permission, then mention everything clearly that where the information will be used. Try to deploy the app that asks for the minimum and required permission.

Complex Registration & Log In Process

For using various web based applications or games, the first time users have to fill up the registration form and for accessing the application again & again, they have to log in. If the registration or log in form possesses the complicated format, then it frustrates the users and distracts them from the application, even the application possesses the excellent features. Therefore, implement the simple log in and registration process. For example, it will be good to integrate the social network, google+ and other platforms with the registration, so that the users do not need to enter lots of information.

Presenting lots of advertisements

Most of the applications or games come with the advertisement support that wastes the data band, drains the battery, slowdowns the mobile CPU and degrades applications functionality. Owing to all these reasons, the mobile users are not able to use the apps happily. Hence, the users uninstall the application. The developer should implement the advertisement functionality in such a manner that it does not utilize lots of data band and battery usage. Secondly, it should not disturb the users, while they are using the application.

Not a best impression at the first attempt

Sometimes the users expect the big from the application or game, but they do not get according to the expectation, this becomes the reason for users to uninstall the application. Suppose there is a desktop game XYZ that the users love and a developer creates the mobile version of the same game (XYZ). Then that user will definitely install the app with the hope that it will give the same graphics experience as they get in desktop. But when they do not find the same features, they will surely uninstall the application. The moral is that developers should ensure that all the required features are properly integrated with application.

Bad User Interface and Experience

The user interface is an integral part of every application and game. The good user-interface simplifies the way for the users to use the application and enhance the experience. Therefore, it is important that every developer should code the applications by taking caring of interface. Secondly, the high response time also degrades the experience. Hence developer should code the application in such a way that it installs & loads quickly, this will give the superb user-experience. Moreover, the user will not like to uninstall the application/game.

Too many notifications, message and alerts

Some applications send lots of messages, alerts and notifications that disturb the users in their professional and personal lifestyle. Moreover, these things drain the battery and waste the devices memory. This drive the users to delete and uninstall the applications. Therefore, it will good to implement the minimum usage of the notification, message and alert features.

Lagging In Rectifying Bugs

Bugs in the application and game slowdown the performance of the application that further gives bad user-experience. Sometimes, the users think that the developers will come up with the solution, but when it does not happen, the users mostly uninstall the application. It is better that developers should come with the best solution as early as possible, so that the user will not change the mind about uninstalling the application.

Take over by another applications or games

With the changing times, new applications are launched with more new features that can stun the users and make them uninstall the applications or games. The only solution of this is, the developers should keep themselves updated regarding the trends. According to the trends, they should release new updates that can enhance the functionality of the application this will not only keep the number of customers same, but also increase the customers.
We would to like to hear from you that in what cases you generally uninstall the app. You can share your views with the help of comment section given below.

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