Mobile App Revolution: Changing the Way Smartphones Work

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Mobile app revolution is changing the way things are done. Mobile phones have become quite smart and are rightly called smartphones. These smart devices have made many of our tasks easier than ever. Whether we have to shop for our favorite merchandise, book a movie ticket or find a doctor, smartphones are capable to do all this. Looking at the demand we have ready to customize solutions for food ordering, hotel booking, eLearning, school management, grocery shopping, trading cars or even for car grooming. What make these smartphones so powerful and useful are the mobile apps that can be installed in the mobile phones. These apps tap the computational powers of the mobile phones and produce the desired outcome.

Mobile App Revolution

In the recent past, mobile apps have experienced a paradigm shift. Before the inception of mobile operating systems like iOS and Android OS, mobile apps were meant just for entertainment. With the features and functionality that were introduced with these mobile platforms, the apps are now more usable and capable of addressing some serious real-world problems. If we look at the giant strides that mobile technology has taken over the period of years, we will be surprised, but the fact is that the real mobile app revolution is yet to begin.

Reasons for the Mobile App Revolution

There is not just one reason that has led to the mobile app revolution. Many factors have contributed to this movement. Better mobile phones, organized marketplace for app download, timely updates, advanced mobile app development services with some very useful and revolutionary apps. Moreover, the mobile apps are now able to solve complex problems and therefore, prove to be very useful.

★ The apps have become highly usable and are solving some very complex problem for the users.
★ The security of the mobile phones has got major boost and thus, they have become more reliable.
★ Many mobile apps now act as wallet and make shopping, booking tickets and paying bills much easier.
★ Mobile app revolution is also fueled by the ability to invite friends through the app which makes the app viral.
★ The office solutions provided by the apps like Microsoft office and iOffice have made the mobile devices highly usable tool among professionals too.

Impact of the Revolution caused by Mobile Apps

The impact of the mobile app revolution has been unprecedented. Smartphone users are now able to perform various tasks like shopping, showing the correct way, acting as a small bank and others. Through office apps, the professionals are able to work even when they are away from the office. Surveys suggest that 87% of the time people spend on the mobile phone is dedicated to apps and just 13% on the browser. In-app purchases offered in the app makes sure that the developers are able to make good money even when they offer the app for free. Judging by the way the mobile apps are improving, it will not be an exaggeration to say that they will soon surpass the desktop application in terms of popularity and user base.

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Closing thoughts

With safety and security becoming a huge concern for the mobile apps, it is likely that the new apps will lay stress on these aspects and create a more secure and reliable app ecosystem. App companies are spreading their portfolio of android app development services and iPhone application development services with technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, internet of things, etc. Also, the new generation apps are high on usability and are very inclusive. Mobile apps, in the coming days, might also face the competition from the wearable as they become increasingly popular.

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