Seven Popular American Football Apps that Every NFL Lovers Must Have

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In this post, we will list down the most popular seven American Football Apps for hardcore football lovers.

American Football enjoys a lot of craze in the northern part of America. National Football League (NFL) is the most highlighted sports organization worldwide, which conducts all football matches. Consisted of 32 teams, NFL brings a huge event for American football lovers who never want to miss even a single moment of the sport. Most of them enjoy the sport through television, live or others ways.

Since football season is long, it is not possible to get stick to television every time to stay updated. So, what is the other option? Well, user can discover several other ways to get major updates, live scores, videos and much more. We have listed here some of the hottest American football apps that make this football season full of fun.

List of Best American Football Apps


NFL is a complete entertainment package and lets user keep eyes on even a small update of football matches. It is the best place to explore scores, important news, team tracking and much more. Major part of the app has customization available, which gives users an option to watch interesting videos of their interest. They can set custom alerts and do much more.


ESPN is another popular app that keeps NFL lovers stay updated with the latest score and provides every stats of the tournament. Once users install the mobile app, they can grasp the vital feeds dynamically. The app beautifully manages the updated list of top games for the day and enables users to gather data of their favorite game with ease.


theScore is one of the best place to get important updates related to NFL. It lets user explore the latest score, stats and the most highlighted videos directly from the stadium. The interesting thing about the app is that users can customize it according to their own needs. For instance, they can avail an opportunity to create custom feeds of their favorite players, leagues or teams to grab the related updates. Download links for iOS and Android.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is one of the most popular American football apps. It has everything that football lovers wish to have in an ideal sports app. With the app, users can explore stats, rumors, schedules, trends and lots more. It is a complete entertainment package for all NFL lovers. Download links for iOS and Android.

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports is the trendiest sports news app on iOS and Android that features updates, scores, stats, schedules and lots more. It covers much more than NFL. The app includes a hot feature like rating live game on parameter from 0 to 100. Users can see the ratings to find out popular games to watch. Besides, it also includes social feature, fantasy sports tracker, notifications and much more.

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SofaScore enjoys an important craze among sports lovers. It lets them never miss any important schedule of their favorite game and get the latest news, schedules and much more to maintain the craze of NFL. The app also provide user option to stream live matches, best when they are at remote locations.

NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket app allows users to watch all-important games on every Sunday afternoon. They can enjoy varieties of games and create many fun moments. Users can stream HD quality videos on their Android, iPhone or iPad device using the app.

Apart from this, it also lets users keep a tab on their fantasy leagues. Users can enjoy adding their favorite players to their exclusive lists for getting instant notifications when they shine especially during the game.


Bit different from the above league, Twitter is another great platform to get the latest updates, scores, news, etc., about football or NFL. Most of the footballers or other sports personalities have their personal account on Twitter. Therefore, users can follow them to gather the related news about them. While browsing the right hashtags, it is the best social medium that gives them updated information regarding American football news right from the experts and sports lovers.

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