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SofaScore app lets you keep your passion and spirit for sports up, by providing live coverage of almost every league. Whether you are a football enthusiast or basketball lover, the app has everything for everyone! It offers live coverage of 22 sports, 5000 leagues and many special events, to give you a plethora of choices to enjoy.

SofaScore FeaturesSofaScore Screen

  • Uses reliable sources for gathering stats and calculating ratings of players.
  • Shoot Maps and Heat Map to visualize the efforts of a player on the course of live games.
  • Stay updated with the live scores of 22 sports and more than 5000 leagues.
  • The Unique AttackMomentum algorithm gives your insight into the game during the course.
  • Stay connected with sports enthusiasts and dive into a healthy conversion.
  • Get details of their predictions about the winning team, information regarding the suspended match and more.
  • Everything you follow whether its players, teams, league, event, etc., you can enjoy with the related notifications.
  • Gather information like match broadcaster through the community.
  • They suggest and vote, and give you the right information about the match broadcaster.

SofaScore Screenshots

Follow some major tournaments from the US with SofaScore, like North American League, US Open Cup, WNBA, NFL and many more. Optimized for smartwatches, the app always remains with you and lets you never miss any special glimpse. Managing your fantasy team becomes quite easier with the app.

Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store on a yearly subscription. The details of the subscription fee appears on the screen while downloading the app. The subscription tends to auto-renew unless you turn off the auto-renew option. The app charges iPhone users 24 hours before the expiry of the current session.

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How SofaScore Works?

The mobile app works on a powerful database and a real-time content refreshing engine. Below is an overview of SofaScore architecture:

  • SofaScore identifies every user uniquely with their account.
  • SofaScore app works on a huge database that enables the user to customize feed based on their geo, game, team and other preferences.
  • The database of the SofaScore app refreshes dynamically from the web back-end.
  • The front-end of the application synchronizes in real-time with the main content database, pulling the filtered content for the user.

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