9 Proven App Marketing Strategies That Increase Downloads

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Have you recently developed your dream app and now striving to get it into the hands of your potential customers? This blog talks about 9 useful mobile app marketing strategies that will make your app stand out and maximize your installs in today’s app market.

Website Builder research shows that over 592 million app downloads take place daily, and the number will exceed up to 250 billion in 2022. With this, the evolution of mobile apps will continue to roll on as the number of mobile apps and their downloads are ever-increasing.

Mobile users download many apps, but some are never used. The question arises here – how to get users to download your app? How to make them choose your mobile app out of numerous similar options available? Through winning app marketing, a great mobile app marketing plan is the key to increase your app installs and boost engagement.

Why is App Marketing Important?

If you are looking for result-driven app marketing ideas, then you must have already planned for mobile app development. All the thriving mobile applications people are using nowadays once practiced the best app marketing strategies. However, some are still continuing to do so to win over the competition.

To simply put, if you want a better response, increased user engagement, and the maximum number of downloads on your app with viability, then you must focus on planning effective app marketing strategies.

Top 9 Best App Marketing Ideas That Can Do Wonders to Your Business

Start App Marketing Before Launch

Google research shows that only 40% of mobile users search for apps on relevant app stores; others just find apps over other mediums, such as social media, blog posts, YouTube videos, and others. So, the moment you are finished with your app ideas and designs, you should start promoting it.

Early marketing of an app can make your app marketing plan effective as it creates excitement and anticipation among people that results in maximum user engagement.

Research Your Competitors

Researching your competitors and knowing them in and out will help you connect with your ideal customers. Also, performing thorough competitor research will let you know how users interact with a similar app like yours and what’s their response towards it.

Doing this helps you to recognize your competitors’ Unique Selling Points (USPs), challenges they are facing, their weaknesses, and, most importantly, all the relevant keywords on which their search ranking will get higher or deteriorate. So, you can apply and improve accordingly.

Engage Your Ideal Customers

Do you want to entice potential users for your app? Do you want them to hit the install button? Then, draw their attention. An app becomes successful when it is specifically designed to satisfy the ideal customers’ expectations. However, you can know about your ideal users through their demographic such as their age, lifestyle, habits, interest, and many other essential things.

Engage your ideal customers with your app while it is in making. Get feedback from real customers via online forums, social media, blogs, or find other ways. Doing such things will make your mobile app marketing plan successful, attract your ideal users, and help you win maximum customer engagement on your app.

Create App Landing Page that Sells

A landing page works as the foundation of your mobile app marketing campaigns. Creating an app landing page that sells is a must-to-include marketing strategy for your app. A great mobile app landing page contains some useful links, such as App Store and Google Play Store CTAs, social sharing buttons, and others that acquire, inform, and engage your potential customers.

Optimize Your App for App Stores

App Store Optimization (ASO) plays a vital role in the marketing of your app. It is just like an SEO for the Google Play Store and App Store that needs to be done rightly. By including well-researched and structured keywords in your app description, you can instantly improve your app store page.

Ideal mobile app marketing campaigns also help in increasing your app installs; the relevant search ads appear on Google improve your app visibility and drive maximum downloads.

Get Your App Reviewed

Even an app with simple UX/UI can appear confusing to people. Thus, an easy presentation is a great way to engage your ideal customers to install and use the app. You can submit your app on some well-known app review sites or blogs and video channels to get it reviewed.

Getting your app reviewed is one of the most critical app marketing strategies to consider. Because once your app gains maximum reviews (positive), people are much more likely to give it a try, which will convert your visitors into a potential customer.

Leverage Social Media for Promotion

Social media has a significant influence on today’s age; over 70% of online businesses are using social media to sell their app. From pre-launch promotion to paid marketing on social media, this mobile app marketing plan can help in increasing your app visibility.

You can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others to interact with your ideal customers and gain maximum engagement on your app.

Use Influencers

Leveraging the power of influencers also considered being one of the best app marketing strategies. You can collaborate with social media influencers and creators to promote the app on respective platforms. Find some relevant influencers that can drive massive traffic to your app.

These influencers can be anywhere: On a website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or you can consult a mobile app marketing agency to know the relevant influencers. When an influencer who has the maximum number of followers promotes your app, it always makes positive word-of-mouth that does wonders for your app.

Strong SEO

Do not underestimate the power of reliable Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Searchers search on Google in many ways. Thus, a strong SEO practice will help your searcher to find relevant information about your app.

Consulting some leading app marketing companies for the robust SEO of your app marketing plans is a great move. Also, practicing SEO on blogs, videos, social media, and others will help your app to be more visible and found easily on app stores or on Google.

Final Words

Choosing the right app marketing strategies can make your mobile app stand out. All the app marketing ideas discussed above will help you get more downloads and engagements on your app. All you need to do is to choose ones that resonate most with you and go-ahead to win over your competitors. So, which one of them will be the secret weapon for your app promotion? One, two, or all?

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